Kim Kardashian Nude, Untouched, Hypocritical in Harper's Bazaar

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Sorry, Cristiano Ronaldo. You're not the only person to see Kim Kardashian naked this week.

But there's a difference between the bare body Ronaldo reportedly went home with in Madrid, and the one Kim show off inside this month's Harper Bazaar: the latter is UNtouched.

Following in the natural footsteps of Jessica Simpson's Marie Claire spread, Kardashian appears nude in the magazine, without the use of Photoshop. She says of the shoot:

"I think the message is embrace your curves and who you are. I feel proud if young girls look up to me and say, 'I'm curvy and I'm proud of it now.'"

Kim Kardashian Nude... Again

That would be a great, healthy message to send... IF IT WEREN'T COMPLETE AND UTTER BS!

Kardashian hasn't let three consecutive sentences slip out in public over the past few months without mentioning QuickTrim. She and her family tout that diet supplement at every opportunity, despite the fact that it isn't approved by the FDA - but, hey, whatever pays the bills!

Heck, she just appeared on the cover of yet another tabloid, bragging about how much weight she's lost.

At one point, Kim, you may have been a role model for curvy women everywhere. You could have embraced that responsibility. Instead, you sold out, becoming just another female celebrity that sends a message to girls around the world that's wholly opposed to the crap you spew above:

Go thin or go home.


oh please ronaldo is totally gay what kind of guy wears short shorts and carries a purse ewww


I don't think it's a case of being jealous of Kim i think people get sick of the sight of her, 99 per cent of Hollywood are beautiful but its always Kim who gets dogged because she has nothing to offer other than getting her t*ts & ass out any chance she gets


Lauging at all the woman who are jealous of beautiful Kim.


i just set the picture as my wallpaper


i seen part of her show the other night, the mother and the girls are trash talkers, i think it shows the bimbo,s,s a stupid show, havent watched it since then.


She could care less about being a role model, or as she would spell it "roll model". All she cares about is making money in the sleaziest way possible. She can't make legit money because she has no education, talent, or training in anything other than "Kris Jenner's big pimp ho camp for girls".


Kim K may be an attractive woman,and might even have a heart of gold,but she is going to lose out in the romance department because she feels the Need to show too much.It is one thing to be a publicity hound on a daily basis,and quite another to become an exhibitionist.Your accomplishments as a businesswoman becomes secondary when you start giving away glimpes of yourself in nothing but a dear face, and bare a$$.Enough of the pin-ups, please consider giving a man the chance to explore your mind,
maybe then you Both might find something about you that is priceless. PEACE!!


She is such a fucken slutt ass hoe!!!!!! haha


haha, thank you. I've made the change to that glaring, awful grammatical error. I hope you never read Perez Hilton, for your sake. Your fingers would break off correcting his grammatical mistakes.


OMG......I could not get past that really bad grammatical error long enough to comment on Kim. Come on, HG! "Her and her family......"


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