Kim Kardashian Gets Down to Business

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In the weeks following her break-up with Reggie Bush, Kim Kardashian has a singular focus:

Make sure cameras follow me everywhere I go, even during bonding time with my nephew.

No, wait, that's not it.

"I think my life is business right now," Kim told E! News. "I'm totally fine not having a life. I love working and I work with such amazing people that have become my friends, so a lot of the work I do isn't tough... it keeps me motivated and inspired."

It's not exactly clear what that business entails, but you can bet it involves the flaunting of her butt and her boobs.

Butt Shot

What does stepfather Bruce Jenner think of Kim's progress?

"I think she has a big black book. She's doing fine."

Well, sure. Kardashian has always done fine with big black things in her hand.

Kim in Green
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Sticking It Out
Kim Waving
Loving the Camera



It's obvious she did something to her face. it's pulled back tight and her smile is different. her nose is obviously shaped different too, more long and pointy, before the tip was more rounded. probably not a face lift, but fillers can usually give a similar pulled back "tight" effect. She looked more "ethnic" before. now she is looking plastic


If you look at the before pics of Kim and now u can totally tell shes had surgery. You can see her face its too pulled up and tight, if you google kim k & plastic surgery you can see pics of her with a flat ass in 1 pic and one with butt pads too. Its kinda sad really I blame her gross pimp mama she prob convinced her to do it


Did Kim actually have surgery (facial)? I can't tell. It seems more like Kim has just aged a tad. I ain'r complain'. She now looks a bit more like her mother.


Brady Quinn is now on the Denver Broncos.




A Big Black Book?? Trade Reggie to the Browms?? Go date Bradt Quinn. You make a nice couple. He's from Notre Dame.


i love kim and i think that people should need her along and let her do her work for ass reggie he's a loser she'll fine someone better and put the ring on it.


yeah she used to be beautiful around the time the sex tape came out a few years ago & she didnt need any surgery but hey. No i'm not a hater & I don't really get what she works hard at all she does is pose on red carpets and take pics of herself?


I think your jealous of Kim. She is beautiful and one of the hardest workers she deserves nothing but the best she worked for it. Do not be a hater


Well, sure. Kardashian has always done fine with big black things in her hand - lol - THG thats so funny!
On a side note why has KIm had so much plastic surgery she used to be so pretty now she looks like that puppet from Saw??


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