Khloe Kardashian Prays for Kim, Challenges Society to Think Differently About Periods and Vaginal Health

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Khloe Kardashian is doing her best Dear Abby impression this week.

First, the reality star doled out advice for sister Kim Kardashian. She told the Today show: "I pray she stays single. Kim goes from one relationship to the next."

She does?!? Kim has dated two men in the last three years. One of them filmed the pair having sex and then sold the video to the highest bidder... but still.

Khloe added that "it's just time to move on" for Reggie and Kim, words of wisdom that Kardashian has taken to heart. Or, to be more specific, to vagina.

Lamar Odom's bustier better half has signed Kotex's Declaration of Real Talk. Sponsored by the tampon-producing company, it cites a recent North American study that says women feel expected to keep vaginal health issues to themselves.

It asks females to "embrace a new attitude" and sign their names to this pledge:


Why is Khloe wearing a hard hat and carrying a fake sledge hammer as part of the Kotex campaign? It's unclear.

Does anyone actually think "vagina" is a dirty word? Or is this just a marketing ploy by the company? Discuss among yourselves and check out Khloe shilling for the Declaration below:

Khloe for Kotex
Hard Hat, Fake Sledge Hammer
Khloe, at Work
Khloe in Red
Khloe K. Picture
With Expensive Purse



When I think Khloe K and "vagina", what comes to mind is something akin to the San Andreas Fault.


wow Like I need The Kardashian sisters to talk to my girls about their period...they will be tellin them to put mayo on it to keep it shiny..gimme a break...leave that up to the moms...I think we could handle that!!!!oh and by the way; its not like Kim didn,t like herself before she lost 5 lbs.s...GET OVER THESE BIMBOS ALREADY!!!


I had no idea that sasquatches got periods. I guess you learn something new every day.

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