Ke$ha on Saturday Night Live: What Did You Think?

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Ryan Phillippe hosted Saturday Night Live last night. One of the more random celebrities to take to the stage, the actor hasn't starred in a hit movie, or proven he's remotely funny, in years.

But he did perfectly fine. Not as humorous as Tinay Fey, not as embarrassing as January Jones.

Phillippe may not have stood out, but the evening's musical guest still has people talking. That's what Ke$ha does best, right?

The eccentric singer, who once called BS on Britney Spears for lip-synching, was definitely singing live during the broadcast. But we're not sure if that's a good thing. She sounds terrible on this rendition of "Tik Tok:"

Ke$ha also sang her latest single "Your Love is a Drug." Black lights were used, and unusual outfits were worn, during the performance, including a giant, neon cross across the singer's chest that may offend some Christians. See what we mean now:

[video url="" title="Your Love is My Drug"][/video]

What did you think of Ke$ha's performances? They were...


She sounded great and was entertaining. People saying negative things just makes me think they don't know what they're talking about and are just going to go along with whatever they think the popular opinion is. Sheep.


I don't know why people are saying this was a bad performance. She hit almost every note exactly right and it was very entertaining. And this is WAY better than Miley Cyrus or Katy Perry could do...


That performance was the best I've seen in years. And the music was cool and that's coming from someone who hates Pop stuff like GAGA or whomever. John, GR, Rharris, get off the computer and go walk around the block or something.


I vote for Ke$ha as being the most likely to sh!t in her dress in full view of the audience while drunkenly crawling up onto the stage to try to accept an award. I look forward to people getting very tired of her very quickly.


Really, really bad. And Emma there's no such thing as "speech singing". She has no vocal range, and is out of breath even doing the "speech singing". Awful.


I barely like Ke$ha on her radio versions, and her live shows are always worse. I don't think she has a good voice at all. She has good stage presence but that can't make someone sound good.


It sounds just like the song.
And that's what she was performing, the speak-sing song. She did a lot of it with autotune, and was sure to turn her head away from the mic for parts that she didn't sing. I think she's real. I think people are just shocked that 1) It's a white girl who is in the mainstream and rap-speaking more than singing and
2) She's actually singing live. I say Kudos.
She doesn't have vocal training. I think she is brave and put on a fun performance where the songs sounded VERY close to how they sound on record, albeit a very different vocal sound.

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