Katherine Jackson Downsizing Number of Grandkids

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Katherine Jackson is cutting down on the number of grandchildren living with her after the recent stun gun attack on Blanket. Probably a smart move.

Sources with direct knowledge of the situation say Katherine told Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza to take her kids and move out of the estate next week.

Michael Jackson Kids at Handprint Ceremony

Katherine is the late Michael Jackson's mother. Alejandra lives with her along with two of her children by Randy Jackson and two by Jermaine Jackson.

Supervising seven children is just too much for the 79-year-old grandmother, as evidenced by Jaafar Jackson trying to taser Blanket earlier this year.

FOR THE KIDS: Katherine made the right move.

The L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services came, took the gun and conducted interviewed. No charges were filed, or actions taken.

The family denies the stun gun incident was as bad as what was reported, but apparently whatever happened prompted the kids' change in location.

KJ is not heartless, though - Alejandra, Jermajesty, Donte, Randy Jr. and Jaafar Jackson are headed to a San Fernando Valley condo the estate owns.

As of next week, Prince, Paris and Blanket will have the run of the mansion, unobstructed and stun gun free. That's probably better for all involved.


I am glad that my grand mother got my cousins love grandma


I'm glad that Michael Jackson's children will have the run of the mansion. That Jaafar Jackson and his mother and his siblings should only be allowed supervised visits under the watchful eye of licensed security guards. It may seem strange but I don't think they can be trusted, especially when that mother doesn't seem to care about the goings ons about her kids. Every home should be violence free, not matter who you are.


why is the baby mama living with katherine anyway.she should get her own place!


its about time.


iam glad katherine jackson told the other grandchildren and their mom to leave the home that way michaels children won.t get hurt they be cared for better by there grandma when theres just the 3 grandchlden do this for michael he loved the kids and his mom.

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