Kate Gosselin Speaks on Dancing "Breakthrough"

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Kate Gosselin electrified the Dancing with the Stars crowd last night.

Okay, not really. She sucked and still got the lowest score. But she sucked a lot less than previous weeks, and that's building up her confidence.

Mother of 8

"Dancing is starting to feel natural; that's scary, right?" Kate told E! last night after her Dancing With the Stars "mini-breakthrough" of a tango.

Does Tony Dovolani agree about the bane of his existence his partner? Believe it or not, yes: "She crossed over to the dancing side," he said.

"It sounds like the dark side," she joked. No doubt Jon Gosselin would have a witty retort if he weren't chasing mediocre skirts somewhere.

It's not saying much, but last night was Kate's best effort yet.

"I was totally in the dance," Kate added. "This was the first week I had fun out there. I was with Tony the entire time. Who had time to be nervous? I was dancing!"

Will the fans keep her around for another week? If they did so the previous two, you'd have to think she stands a good chance this time. She sure hopes so, too.

"I am psyched, we're going to practice after this," she said following her interview earlier today. "I'm totally into this and using my time wisely," she promised.

Who are you rooting for on Dancing with the Stars?


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Kate Gosselin is all the proof you need that there is no God.


@oldtimer: Thank you. That was the funniest comment left on THG in month!


Let's give Kate Gosselin a break. Here's a woman with 8 children to raise who is taking advantage of opportunities that good fortune presented. Who among us has the courage to step into the public like Kate has done to feather the nest for her and her children? Those kids don't have much of a father, as far as I can see,and clothes, food, housing, etc., is extremely expensive for her brood and Kate is doing her best to give those children a better chance in life.