Kate Plus 8 Reloaded: It's a Go!

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Kate Gosselin's elimination from Dancing with the Stars did not mark the end of her reality TV career. It's official: TLC is bringing back Kate Plus 8.

It's a go at the network after the local Department of Labor says the eight children have been cleared to continue their careers as reality TV stars.

Kate Chows Down

This despite the objections of her own brother, Jon Gosselin and millions of us across America who are just plain sick of her. Stick it to 'em, Kate!

A rep for the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry says the correct paperwork for the show was submitted and approved ... and said:

"The proper steps have been taken and the kids are permitted for Kate Plus 8." Thank goodness. And tough luck, Jon. How's your career going?

KATE PLUS 8: Gosselin and the gang are running it back!

No word if the reloaded Kate Plus 8 will feature Jon in any way, as he was the one who axed the original show for starting to phase him out exploiting the kids.

Our guess is for the right price, he won't object this time around. Especially if he succeeds in pursuing a rich cougar to bleed money and sexual favors from.

As for Kate's other TLC spin-off (yes, there are two proposed Kate Gosselin shows in the works), tentatively titled Twist of Kate, no paperwork has been filed.

Without the Department of Labor signing off, you can bet that TLC won't push its luck. So this may indicate that the children may not be joining her there.

Are you excited for Kate Plus 8 2.0 apparently coming back?


Boo, friggin hoo Kate you have such a hectic life. Wait, that was YOUR choice. Give me a break you are NOT a star, and I don't understand the morbid fascination people have with you. The show USED to seem real now it's just staged. I hope the ratings drop and you fade into the sunset.


YES! Welcome back!


I was sooo happy to see the Gosselin clan again! They have all grown! They looked well and clearly happy to see the camera crew again. Kate is an awesome mom and I admire her for putting herself out there to support her children. Why are you watching if you are so against her? She has grown as a person and admits her failures in front of a national audience! It's easy for you to set back in your ivory tower and give her advice! I'd like to see all the nay sayers do better with what she has had to deal with! As a mother of two, I know just a little of what you deal with and I will continue to watch, support and pray for you Kate. My family loves your family.


I loved the show, love Kate and the kids and couldn't wait until they came back on TV. Love Maddie, the drama queen too. The kids are all adorable and I will be watching for as long as they are on tv. I ignore all the negative comments because they are just talking about themselves. Keep up the good work Kate. Sure glad Jon isn't on anymore. He was a sourpuss. You and the kids are always laughing and having fun going to new places. Luv u all


I did not watch the show but I did see a promo for it...How sad Mady seemed...To have your life spread out for all to see as a child is horrible...Notice that Kelly Ripa rarely talks about her children because they ask her not too...Same for Regis and Kathie Lee when their children were younger...Children deserve privacy...Kate is making a buck off her children...She has bought into the whole fame thing...Her latest book was a bomb and hopefully, her series will be to...Give these children back their childhood...Shame on you Kate...Your children will pay the price for your bad decisions...


Oh I'm so glad you and the children are back; you are just the right person for the reality mom tv show. Stay strong and I believe as long as you love your kids as much as you do, everything will bee alright.


Once again, Kate whines about "the paparazzi" on this first episode, (wanting the kids birthday paparazzi free) but yet she has no qualms about putting their lives on national t.v. when SHE is the one making the money off of them....sigh, Kate, make up your mind!!!!!


The whole family is ridiculous. Jon had a good job and Kate was a nurse - they very well could have done just fine in raising their family without their own TV show. And we all know that's exactly why they did it, no matter how much Kate insists she "wanted to show the world how they live" or "to do the best for her family" - they just wanted money. Those kids are going to have an awful lot of problems when they're older, but no worries, Kate has enough money for therapy.


So so fed up of Kate!!!!!! Why dont she go to work like everyone else instead of cashing in on her kids!!!!! And that Maddie what a whining child she is!!!!!! TLC we are fed up of the drama.... please please.....I was watching TLC most of the time but I can't even stand the commercials about her show anymore.....so am done with TLC


3 cheers for kate she didnt cheat she was by her kids sides when needed and she keeps trying to provide for her family i think kate is an amazing mother. and jon is an amazing father. you both made mistakes, but dont we all. i am so proud for kate, she fought for her show so she can provide for her kids and so her kids can be happy again. she always puts them first:) she trys her hardest,and so does jon. dont be a hater on kate U GO GOSSELINS!

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