Kate Plus 8 Reloaded: It's a Go!

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Kate Gosselin's elimination from Dancing with the Stars did not mark the end of her reality TV career. It's official: TLC is bringing back Kate Plus 8.

It's a go at the network after the local Department of Labor says the eight children have been cleared to continue their careers as reality TV stars.

Kate Chows Down

This despite the objections of her own brother, Jon Gosselin and millions of us across America who are just plain sick of her. Stick it to 'em, Kate!

A rep for the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry says the correct paperwork for the show was submitted and approved ... and said:

"The proper steps have been taken and the kids are permitted for Kate Plus 8." Thank goodness. And tough luck, Jon. How's your career going?

KATE PLUS 8: Gosselin and the gang are running it back!

No word if the reloaded Kate Plus 8 will feature Jon in any way, as he was the one who axed the original show for starting to phase him out exploiting the kids.

Our guess is for the right price, he won't object this time around. Especially if he succeeds in pursuing a rich cougar to bleed money and sexual favors from.

As for Kate's other TLC spin-off (yes, there are two proposed Kate Gosselin shows in the works), tentatively titled Twist of Kate, no paperwork has been filed.

Without the Department of Labor signing off, you can bet that TLC won't push its luck. So this may indicate that the children may not be joining her there.

Are you excited for Kate Plus 8 2.0 apparently coming back?


samo napred,ti si i onako sasvim dovoljna dece,sa tobom su uvek nasmejani.klinci su preslatki i mi u srbiji pratimo spaznjom vase emisije i jedva cekamo nove epizod.
spostovanjem jeca


Ummm Didn't she say she was sun sensitive? I just saw another ad for her and she's half naked in a bikini. Can anyone else say LIAR! And no I dont watch her show. she just plain has a unpleasant attitude....Not someone Id like to meet.


And .. Mary K .. Mother of 6 .. Im sur theyre not all the same age ;)


First ,Alot of the trips were gifts from companies and other . So it was all payed for .. Second Kate clearly wasnt happy with Jon .. I could understand .. Jon didnt do that much and acting like he just didnt care . Third , My grandmother had 10 kids .. But by time the last one came along there was only 4 left at the house not 8 at the SAME TIME . Try having 8 kis AT THE SAME TIME .. Also , Money money money .. She mentioned that they will NOT be filming every day .. only on special occasion .. I quote" Birthdays , holidays , trip to the dentist .. " . Why not have all that money for her kids .. And TLC are the ones who approched the family to have a gigg on the show , Im sur you all would just say no . Come on . Put yourself in her shoes . Ya she made mistakes , so did you all and myself . And yes she said bad things ( she wasnt happy ) try being unhappy and nice to everyone .. Just think ..


I also agree Kate is in it for the money.When I read that she rejected hand me down gribs, and other baby items from her parents when the sextuplets were born, I automatically knew she wasn't a good person, to be able to make your folks feel bad when they are trying to help the best they could. And wasn't she the rude jerk to Jon. The man took her insults over and over. Makes you wonder what shes like at home when she IS AT HOME.


She is back all she want's to do is be a star and a ster she's not
Maddie is a brat even bigger then last year.Why's the six little ones not in kindergarden they are six now should have started last year, but Kate is to into making money off them.
She is so fake lets hope the show gets taken off soon.


hi i'm sharon i'm 11 and i love the show its pretty awesome. Maddy and cara r rlly kool cuz their about my age, and the sextuplets r just too cute! i havent seen kate plus 8 cuz i cant seem to know what time it is. plz email imsharon24@yahoo.com and tell me the time and day plzzz. My mom thinks its a bad show, but i love it. lol i just like watching her survive with eight kids! my mom has 3 kids me 11, my sis jessica 17, and my sis ashley 19 whos in the army. All girls! its hard for her. think about have 5 more. lol god bless all the positive commets. Their just opionis u cant change their mind. just let them let wat they think out cuz they mite be sad or worried for the kids. byeee


It makes no sense to me that people on this and other boards say they "Love Kate"...Love you family and friends not a woman who does not care about you at all...She just wants you to buy her books and watch her shows...She has no relationship with her family, Jon's family or friends...The woman is able to love her only emotion is greed...


Good on you Kate, keep smiling and positive. Shake the crap and think of just your little angels. I know every day is not perfect but make it that way. What is with your family? Do you even have a Mum and Dad? I am a Grandma and just can not imagine not seeing and having lots to do with my Grandchildren. HELLO Grandma, Grandpa Aunts and Uncles. If you really cared enough to make negative comments. Be there for them if you think this show is so terrible on them.............SAD!


A young woman is suing ABC Wife Swap for the PTS for the way she was shown on the show when she was underaged...Her parents signed for her...These shows have a horrible effect on children...It takes away their privacy...For those of you who say what about child actors...They can have their private life...On stage or screen they portray a character...but as we all know some still had and continue to have great difficulties...Some like Jodi Foster made the journey without drugs, etc...The "8" probably will be on Celebrity Rehab in their future...and I am sure Kate will be the first to make a buck off them...Shame on Kate...

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