Report: Kate Gosselin Kicked Off Dancing with the Stars For "Diva-Like Behavior"

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Guess the producers of Dancing with the Stars decided enduring even one more Kate Gosselin tirade wasn't worth the effort, because she's been let go.

Finishing the job that voters somehow couldn't after her debacle of a performance Monday, the network brass told Kate to pack her bags earlier today.

The former star of Jon & Kate Plus 8, who was planning a dancing homage to that bygone classic, caused nothing but headaches since joining the cast.

Her partner, Tony Dovolani, apparently decided he had enough and threatened to quit unless he was transferred to another star. ABC did him one better.

This face is also made by fans watching Kate dance.

Jon Gosselin put up with her for 10 years. ABC? About a month. The decision was handed down Thursday morning, with a source saying Kate was "shocked."

Having become universally despised on the set (basically the Vienna Girardi of Dancing with the Stars), few tears were shed over Kate's sudden dismissal.

What was the final straw in Gosselin being kicked off?

She was pushing her luck from the moment she first set foot on the ballroom floor. Follow the jump and read exactly what got Kate kicked off this time ...

April Fools! Did you fall for this BS story?

We wouldn't blame you, since Kate's diva-like behavior requires no exaggeration. Everyone, including Tony Dovolani, can vouch that she is painful.

Nevertheless, that's not enough to get her the boot for real - in fact, the drama will likely lead to big ratings for the competition. Gotta have a story, right?

Another reason we considered for kicking Gosselin off the show was the uncovering of an elaborate, vote-rigging conspiracy in which she required her eight kids to vote for her 1,000 times each or else they would not eat for a week.

Also something we could see happening.

For better or worse, Kate Gosselin is still competing on Dancing with the Stars until at least next Tuesday night. You can go ahead and ignore this fake news item.

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Ding Dong the witch is gone!!!! Finally! I would have seriously stopped watching if Pamela Anderson would have been voted off before Kate. Now I can keep on watching. I figure Nicole will win although that isn't really fair. She is a Pussy Cat Doll aftre all. But, I suppose life isn't fair.


Oh for G S, when are the viewers going to see the light, Kate is the worst ever dancer I have ever seen on DWTS. Come on, give me a break...E L I M I N A T I O N T I M E!!!!


to--------------I meant too------- also.


Does't anyone realize how much Kate is Loved? She is absolutely the best mom by phone around. Isn't she a happy mother? So full of life across the miles. You would be to with no on hands mothering hassels to deal with.


I cannot believe she is actually still there. I would much prefer to watch Buzz Aldrin. She has got to be the worlds worst dancer! She is stiff and uncoordinated. Who is voting for her? I can't imagine anyone could possibly bother with dialing the phone for her. I guess she is forcing her children to vote 1,000 times each. That is the only thing that could possibly be keeping her there.


Kate is such a cold fish! Can you imagine what she's like in bed? I imagine it is just like her dancing.....ewwwwwwwwww.




Kate is so money hunger person who will put anything b-4 her kids.....Just a shame.....HEY KATE-- GO AND TAKE CARE OF YOU EIGHT CHILDREN. THEY REALLY NEED A MOTHER YOU KNOW?


Get her no talent ass off my tv.


i want to fck her in her fat a$s