Kate Gosselin: Eliminated, Alone, Mocked By Kids

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Kate Gosselin was emotional after being voted off Dancing with the Stars.

She's also upset that no man will ever love her, her own children tease her, DWTS co-stars dubbed her"Hate Gosselin" and strangers slash her tires.

It's worth noting that the amusing last four Kate fun facts are courtesy of the new issue of In Touch Weekly, and therefore are likely completely bogus.

Well, maybe not the Hate Gosselin moniker. We can see that. As sad as she is about leaving, and about life, however, she says the kids are worse.

Though she claims she is okay leaving, her eight children "will be upset, definitely," she said. "They will be shattered, in fact." What total bull$h!t.

Kate claims her elimination "crushed" her kids. Someone needs to crush her.

She said she's not "letting them watch" her elimination, so "they'll be OK. They'll be glad to have me back, but won't get to see me dance anymore. It's tough."

Also tough? Dying alone and getting teased by your own kids when your dancing sucks. Gotta be brutal. Here's "Hate" receiving the final verdict last night ...

Are you sad Kate Gosselin was eliminated?


Dancing bad, so what not the end of the world. She belongs just as much as the other bad dancers. I'll say it again, most of the dancers on this show are mediocre and it's a good way to earn money and have some fun instead of working a 9 to 5 boring job. Don't take this stuff so serious that you have to revert to name calling and spewing so much unneeded hate.


Kate, dancing? It was a joke to begin with, Thank God, it's over! I don't know why people go overboard and think people hate Kate, that's not it. She just didn't belong on DWTS in the first place. She keeps putting herself in over her head, and people are laughing at her and they should, she's in the wrong profession. She's a nurse, and it doesn't pay well enough for her. So Screw, Kate


"Hate"????....seriously, you evil jerks are calling this woman hateful, YOU??? lolol

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