Kate Gosselin and Kids: Moving to Hollywood?

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We're not in Pennsylvania anymore (they may be saying soon)! Since she's become, like, a major star, is Kate Gosselin moving her giant brood to Hollywood?

We hear the mother of eight is looking for a home in SoCal as well as a new agent, hoping to snag a mansion big enough for her kids (and a showbiz career).

Could her move to, and new life in L.A. be the subject of her new reality show?

"Now that Kate has tasted the excitement of Hollywood, there's no way that she's going to return to Pennsylvania," a friend, which she apparently has, says.

Kate, who avoided elimination on Dancing with the Stars again last night, is "looking at homes in the Hollywood Hills in the $2 million range," insisting on "a pool, at least six bedrooms, an outdoor hot tub and a recording studio!"

LOL. What's next, Jon Gosselin insisting his new home has a treadmill?

Independent Diva

Is Kate Gosselin obsessed with fame? [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

Speaking of Jon, this might actually help his lawsuit over Kate's absentee mom status and quest for her own fame, rather than on being a good parent.

Sources say Kate has been meeting with agents, managers and publicists. Of course, someone has to feed those cute little kids however they can do it.

It's sure as hell not you either, Jon.

"Kate really wants to be a movie star," an insider laughably says. "Kate thinks that after Jennifer Aniston's last few films didn't do so well, America needs a new girl next door. And who better to fill Jen's shoes than Kate!"

This quote has to be made up, right?

We hope so, because if a grating nag with more baggage than LAX airport fashions herself a girl next door, she may be the most delusional person ever.


I feel that Kate is such a put on, she is so dramatic in everything that happens on the show.
. She seems to think she is the only person that can do anything right. she would ridicule Jon on previous shows and be little him, I don't know how he put up with her that long. Seems she has no true friend and no longer cares about her family. It seems she's all about the money. How can I take care of my kids now,
I'm sure they have lots of families with as many kids as she has or more and don't have all of the things she has and has been able to do thanks to the show. At least they have love and contentment in the their families.


Kate is no Jennifer Anniston- not by a long shot. She has no screen appeal and I wouldn't pay money to see anything that she'd ever work in (assuming of course she could get work in acting)... Then again her whole life is one big act anyone so maybe it comes natural trying to fool people about herself. Can't wait until those kids all become adults, find and read all this stuff and then sit down and write the backstory in a tell all book about the way she screwed up their lives and their resent. You know that will be coming in about ten years or so if not sooner either as a book or movie of the week on TV. Seriously. Delusional doesn't begin to describe this "mom"- a title I personally don't think she deserves to own.




you all are probably worse parents than her its so easy to give judgement about something you know nothing about...but its ok foe angelina jolie to keep spittin em out and adopting just for a nanny to take care of them and most of them arent even her real children get a life and leave this woman alone as a matter of fact rot in hell!


OMG Kate thinks she can replace Jen A.


Kate Gosselin and Sarah Palin -- NO TALENT PUBLICITY HOS.....


Kate should lose those kids...She is never home and does not want to bet bothered with them....She is a publicity monger and thats all she wants....She is a plastic person with absolutely NO personality....She belongs in a zoo and the people who are voting for her, need their head examined on dancing with the stars...She is worse than a robot....






I heard that Nicolas Cage's house is for sale.


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