Justin Gaston and Brooke White Butcher American Idol Opportunity

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Adam Lambert was his usual theatrical, entertaining self on the American Idol results show last night.

But he wasn't the only past Idol finalist to return to the stage that made him famous: season seven contestant Brooke White also performed, which would have been exciting and memorable - except that she brought Justin Gaston with her.

Yes, the same Justin Gaston that's famous for posing in his underwear and formerly dating Miley Cyrus.

The pair put on a strange duet of the single "If I Can Dream." Is Gaston even lip-synching it? Watch and grade for yourself:

Next week, meanwhile, the show airs its charitable Idol Gives Back special on Wednesday night.

Jordin Sparks, Carrie Underwood, the Black Eyed Peas, Annie Lennox and Jeff Beck are all booked to perform on it. Tune in, call in to make a donation, and try to forget that Justin Gaston was ever a part of this show.


Brooke White did a GREAT job! But it would have been better without Justin - why was he there?


i think hes great, hes something fresh and different!!!love the song...


I thought they were great together. He has an interesting voice and I love his phrasing. I've always loved Brooke's voice. The two sounded outstanding together. I downloaded the version and have been playing it over and over since.


I love it..... I keep watching the video and never get bored so far...
they both look great and he is so so so sexy and handsome....


I love it.... their duet were great .... and he is so so so handsome...wouwww


I think it was alright. Never heard of the young man before this appearance with Brooke. Is he a newcomer? If so you have to give him a chance to develop a stage presence ... not everybody is born with it. I would have preferred to hear ADAM & Brooke duet but all things considered I think she & Justin did a fine job. Brooke is one of my favorite 'former' AI contestants & I have purchased a few downloads of her songs. Like her voice.


I love it, love it, love it. Very nice, this song will be a big hit. Way to go Broke,,,,,,,,,,,,


I enjoyed it. He is definitely not as good of a singer as Brooke, but he is not bad either, and gorgeous. I liked it, I even downloaded the song. Actually, my curiosity to found out who he was, led me to this.


Brooke sang well and then everytime that Justin guy was supposed to sing it went bad. Boring, boring, boring and pointless.


You have to be kidding me! I backed that up three times to hear it again and again, I thought it was great and so did my husband. I found this blog because I was looking up Justin to see who the heck he is. Good looking boy.

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