Justin Bieber Hates Parents, Rules

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With a bowl cut and a voice that befits his 16 years of age, Justin Bieber doesn't exactly come across as a crazy rule-breaker.

But asked by Interview magazine about his ideal universe, the young crooner recently replied:

“I want my world to be fun. No parents, no rules, no nothing. Like, no one can stop me. No one can stop me.”

These days, no one can really stop Bieber on the music charts. People says he's the biggest pop star in the world.

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What else did Justin share with the publication? A couple of notes regarding the opposite sex:

On his celebrity crush: “I’ve been totally in love with [Beyonce] since I was seven. She kinda broke my heart when she married Jay-Z.”

On his singles for his female followers: “I want them to hear my music and wanna play it again because it made their hearts feel good.”

This guy has serious game.


im a huge fan of you justin bieber i love


I hate rules to i don't listen to a thing my parents tell me i just hang out in ront o the tv y om says that i cant have red bull but i drink it anyway


Cant wait till justin finds his true love awww ppl in love is actually creating peace! Happy


umm also michael jackson is da title name of K.O.P nd i dnt dink justins gay or sings like a girl nd ppl should stop making up rumors bout him its mean dough he brushes it off deep down he no's it hurts him someday i wish peace could happen. someday..... But wen? (; ILY 4 Justin B.


U out der should no how justin feels bout u haters nd ur haters r u guys doin it 2 ruin his life? Well dnt cuzz i've been bullied nd no how it feels it really hurts nd plus listen 2 his songs nd understand all his been thru especially down 2 earth. Plzz take dis b4 u ruin some1s life let him b! Ily justin!!


get real micheal jackson is dead ho no longer king biber is


Justins Amazeing. leave himm alone.


biggest popstar???? that belongs to michael jackson??


idk why eveyrone is crazy about this little bitch he looks like a 13 year old lesbian for fucks sake, when he hits puberty he'll prolly go get castrated just to keep his whinny little bitch voice his fans are nothing but stupid prepubescent 12 year old girls who are prolly high on candy, how do i know? look at the posts above :)


justins the best any girl would b lucy 2 have him lol i love him and im glad he looks like 12 i wish he was hes lucy 2 look like that people wish they looked young


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