Justin Bieber, Drake and Others Wave Flag in Support of Haiti

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Though well-intentioned, the We are the World remake was as mocked as it was helpful.

A slew of celebrities gathered to benefit the victims of the January earthquake in Haiti, but most critics focused on how this effort paled in comparison to the original song, recorded 25 years ago earlier by legends such as Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson.

Unfazed by that reaction, Justin Bieber has teamed with Drake and other Canadian singers to form The Young Artists for Haiti. They recently recorded "Wavin Flag," another anthem meant to encourage relief to the ravaged nation.

Also featured in the following video: Nelly Furtado, Fefe Dobson, Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley:

Wanna show support for the Haitian people and The Young Artists for Haiti? Purchase this single off iTunes today.

Meanwhile, Justin and Drake also rocked out last night at the the Juno Awards in Canada. Check out photos from their rendition of "Baby" below, along with a video of the performance.

At the Juno Awards
Justin Bieber and Drake
Duet Pic

[Photos: Splash News]

[video url="http://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/videos/juno-awards-performance/" title="Juno Awards Performance"] [/video]

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This boy sounding like Chris Brown wtf, get your own style.... or haven't the media notice, even had a bowtie on! Everybody cashing in behind Chris Brown's incident! He's so annoying and it's not hating, h3ll I don't care for Chris Brown since the incident but, at least he had his own style and didn't just stand still. Hey Justin step up your game if you want to last!


Unlike the surpurfulous retread, "Wavin' Flag" dosen't suck.

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