Jon Gosselin: Short on Cash, Seeking Rich Cougar

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Jon Gosselin may be strapped for money these days, but not to worry, he's got a plan: another new girlfriend ... only this time, older and better endowed.

Financially, that is. Hailey Glassman and Morgan Christie may come from family money, but he already bled the former dry and got dumped by the latter.

He needs a woman who can support herself ... and him.

"He has a new forty-something Washington, D.C., love interest," a Gosselin insider says. "She's rich - and he's hoping to have her back one of his projects."

LOL. What projects is Jon involved with exactly? The dude can't even keep track of what lies he tells which women or what lawyer he hired to bash Kate.

This Man is a Douche

What rich, independent woman wouldn't want a piece of this?!

In case that endeavor doesn't pan out, Jon has a contingency plan to raise some money in the short term - sell off the midlife crisis mobile he bought last year.

"Jon is selling his BMW to raise cash until he gets a job," says another source. "He's hoping to get $25,000 for it Jon bought the used M3 in '09 for $30,000)."

The fact that his former spouse is living it up has to be killing the cash-strapped douchebag, likely fueling the custody suit he filed that he claims he didn't file.

While ex-wife Kate Gosselin took a VIP-guided tour of Disneyland with their kids and lounged at the Luxe Beverly Wilshire hotel, Jon was ... trying to sell his car.

"He has been lobbying TLC to get a show of his own," the insider says, noting that Kate's already done so. "It's killing him that Kate is having all this success."


I've heard of from rags to riches,but Romeo is slowly becoming a
candidate for life on a park bench.Hopefully seeing Kate continue to rise and shine (in her own way)will motivate him to get up and get going to take on the responsibility of Helping to provide for his children who also Need him as a (responsible)parent.


lol! This guy doesn't think with his brain, but with his libido! He was never a good husband imo! Kate had all the responsibilities, cleaning, vacuuming, and cooking all of it! Plus the children and the monetary responsibilities. He did very little!


TLC will not be killing the fatted calf for its prodigal son, Jon. He pulled the plug on their successful show, broke his contract, and sued them. As tabloid fodder, he piques our interest. We love reading and wondering how douche-y he can get. But he can't bring good ratings to a TV show.


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