Jon Gosselin Lawyers Up For Custody Fight (Again)

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Jon Gosselin has hired a new attorney to represent him in his custody battle with his wife Kate Gosselin. She should expect to be fired by mid-May.

Family law expert Mary Vidas will now handle the lawyering for the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star, who recently fired his last attorney, Anthony List.

That dude repeatedly blasted Kate, after which Jon claimed List never represented him. Guy has issues keeping attorneys and girlfriends straight.

Kate’s lawyer Mark Momjian, has been notified that Vidas is now handling the case, though, so it looks like Jon actually did green light this move.

We wouldn't get too comfortable if we were Mary Vidas, though. Or Ellen Ross.

Jon and the Kiddies

Jon with the kids! Smiling kids! Must be an old, old photo.

Despite bracing for a court battle, Jon says he wants to resolve things amicably with his ex-wife regarding future child support and custody terms.

Reports that Jon was about to drop his custody lawsuit surfaced yesterday, and sources say Jon and Kate are working behind the scenes on this.

At issue: Jon being broke, and wanting to spend more time with the kids.

We'll see how that all shakes out. Vidas will represent Jon Gosselin at his next custody hearing at Berks County Court in Reading, Pa., next month.

Better bring a bodyguard ... Hailey Glassman may try to take him out.


Lousy comment about the photo....those kids only seem to smile and have a good time with their dad. Now and in the past he is a hands on dad where Kate is outside with them mainly when she is filming and with nannies close by. I do not hate Kate like many but I do believe she WAS a hands on mom but no longer. She enjoys the fuss made about her and not her kids.


Did anyone every suspect that Jon is suing for the kids to get support money? Give Kate some slack. Don't tell me people don't yell at each other at times in a marriage, I know I do sometimes.


The ONLY time I see these kids smiling is when they are with their dad. When they are with Kate, they are frowning and look miserable, probably because she is always frowning and miserable. Kate needs to get a clue. These children are going to hate her when they get older.


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