Joe Jackson Fumes at Conrad Murray Defense, Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Doc

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Michael Jackson's father, Joe, is "horrified" at the prospect of Dr. Conrad Murray's legal team arguing that Michael Jackson killed himself with a lethal dose of Propofol.

The defense believes MJ woke up shortly before noon on the day he died, when Dr. Conrad Murray stepped out of the room, and decided to up his dosage. Big time.

Akon and Michael Jackson

Murray's lawyers are ready to argue that Michael's addictive personality makes it more than feasible that he injected far too much Propofol and stopped his heart.

But Joe Jackson ain't buying it.

"I don't believe it. It's not true," he said, asserting that Murray covered up evidence. "Why would he [Dr. Murray] hide all the bottles if such a story were true. The Coroner's report shows the story is not true. It really upsets me to hear this."

Joe Jackson never met a Michael Jackson CD lawsuit he didn't like.

While Murray's story definitely seems a bit out there, one can never really trust the motives of Michael's father, either. Sure, he's probably upset Michael died.

But any chance to make money, he pounces on!

Joe has also fired a wrongful death lawsuit against Murray, claiming he needs a big payday his actions were "reckless" and "amount to second degree murder."

Joe Jackson's lawyer, Brian Oxman, won't go that far, but adds, "His [Dr. Murray's] story is medically inconsistent with the autopsy findings ... I would need to see the photographs of the scene in order to assess his story."

He's been saying for some time that the involuntary manslaughter charge against Murray is not enough. Looks like Joe's now taking things into his own hands.


Jag komletterar mitt förra brev som jag ser har skrivits fel i sista meningen. Se över om Conrad Murray hade flera vänner, som utförde och planerade dett emot Michael Jackson. Varför tar denna rättegång så lång tid???Detta anser jag helt otroligt.


Hallå! Denna rättegång som Conrad Murray deltar i ang Michael Jackson. Är rena rama Okus Såpan. För hur kan samhället tillåtas att manupuleras av En läkare som Är en Mördare? Och har förbrukat medicinering och övererdos till Michel Jackson. Samt att han har placerat mediciner i Michael hem för att ihop om att slå sig fri. Hela denna historia som conrad Murray har uppgivit märks väl att allt är lögn. Och hur kan samhället tilllåta en läkare som har gjort detta få gå fri och få forsätta sitt yrke? Var har hela rättsväsendet tagit vägen??Att Conrad Murray ljuger om att Michael led av både drogmissbruk och sömnproblem. Tror jag inte ett dugg på. Se över om Conrad hade fler vänner som utförde detta dåd mot Michael Jackson. Detta ser så ut.....


how soon we forget a few days after michael passed away,joe was on the red carpet in los angeles and he was asked how he was doing and he talked about his new record lable (ranch records)it was about the money then and its about the money now. love u michael r.i.p.xoxo


It doesn't matter if Joe is out for money or not. Michael was his son and he loved his son. Joe Jackson is a hero! Michael's family deserve to know the truth. Dr. Murray is a liar and he just thinks that his slate is going to just get wiped clean of his sins. BUT that will never happen. He will have to meet with his creator someday. He has already sinned. I am so glad to hear that Joe Jackson is coming forth. Support is awesome. I, myself will be fighting for justice!


I'am glad to see joe jackson stand up for his son whether is about money or not the truth needs to come out so this family can find some sort of closure, that was his son for god's sake i'am praying for you joe i hope justice will prevail RIP Micheal your fans will always love you!


It does not matter what battles you fight now Joe, MJ will still be dead. But you go ahead and fight whatever battles you think necessary. Maybe the battle you fight will help expel your own demons and maybe it will help ease your guilt and ease your concience at the same time, either way we have lost our King of Pop and I still am not over the way he died. How utterly senseless, what a tragic ending. God Bless you MJ, I know you are singing with the Angels, We miss you!


No=one knows what Joe Jackson is really feeling and he has his own demons to live with. All I would like for Michael is that his father finds the truth and finds those who are guilty of his death. Besides, Michael still loved his father despite it all. If Michael can still love him why should I question it! No one is perfect - sad but true.


joe go after dr. murray because you loved your son, not because your cash cow is gone. when u saw michael u saw$$$$$$$ love u michael. r.i.p.


hellion; r u the same person that wrote the things about michael on the page site (no apolgies from me) if so shame on u! love u michael!!!!


Joe Jackson is my hero too! Dr. Conrad Murray is a LIAR - a total liar. For MJ to inject himself, he would have had to have a very steady hand 1) to take the bottle 2) put the medication into the needle ready for use and then to insert it into himself - all that in 2 minutes! I don't think so!!!!!!!!! Plus MJ had already taken various medications BEFOREHAND provided by Dr. JEKYL CONRAD MURRAY. MJ would have hardly been in a position to inject himself. GO TO JAIL CONRAD MURRAY WHERE YOU BELONG.

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