Jim Carrey is on Team Tiger

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Earlier this week, Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy broke up, ending a five-year relationship.

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    To ursula (April 11th, 2010 7:31 AM),

    I completely agree, Ursula! Tiger is disgusting.


    Wow, Jim Carrey must need some publicity. Can't imagine why Jenny left him.



    That is crazy for Jim to say. No wonder Jenny left him. what an idiotic stupid thing to say to blame it on his trusting, beautiful wife. I guess she should have been a controlling bitch and then she would have known what he was doing 24/7. Instead she is a classy girl and mother and trusted her husband. He didnt HAVE to marry her. She figured he loved her


    Sandra Bullock was away shooting films, so JJ had plenty of time to cheat.

    Elin was at home.

    I don't think she is this stupid.

    She knew or suspected he was cheating long before the story hit the news.

    Some women choose to ignore a cheating spouse for a variety of reasons.


    Jenny Sanford did not stand next to her husband during his press conference.




    yeah, thats a great point....
    what about Sandra Bullock...

    I mean clearly Jim's theory holds up when used in the Sandra/Jesse scenario, right Jim??

    I mean, obviously she was riding his money train...and enjoying the lifestyle whilst ignoring the cheating she so clearly should have known about.


    Sandra has waaaay more money than that overall wearing jackass...she had nothing to gain from him, so clearly if she knew about the cheating she would have dumped his ass earlier...

    but i guess Jim would blame Sandra Bullock for Jesse's cheating and for ignoring it??

    Retarded theory Jim...obviously you have some issues to deal with. Hope your daughter's new husband doesn't cheat on her while she's taking care of the baby...
    we all know she won't get any support or kindness from her own father, clearly.


    no wonder Jim Carrey plays STUPID IDIOT NONSENSE characters in movies and on tv-he is one himself,as*hole! Jim Carrey SUCKS!


    Shut up, Jim. You are an ugly disgusting insulting dic*.


    Jim C.-fuck*ng assho*e PIG!! Jim C is probably a CHEATER himself!!

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