Jessie James Might Be Dating Reggie Bush

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According to various, semi-reliable sources, Reggie Bush is now dating Jessie James. No, not that Jesse James.

This one didn't screw over Sandra Bullock and there's no evidence that she has a Nazi photo in her closet.

This Jessie James is a country singer who released her debut album in the summer of 2009 and actually toured with The Jonas Brothers around that time.

She was spotted in Las Vegas with Bush over the weekend, first at Coyote Ugly on Friday and then on Saturday night at the Venus Pool Club at Caesars Palace.

Jessie James often covers herself in football jerseys.... and football players.

The first single released by James in the United States was titled "Wanted." Ironic, no? As far as the Kardashians are concerned, she's now a wanted woman.

But don't worry about Kim. She's already gotten revenge on Reggie by crapping out five pounds in five days. Take that, you stupid running back!

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@fierce ur definitly an ugly fat hater so suck my dick ugly bitch


reggie definitely downgraded when he went from the fabulous kim kardashian to the fugly jessie james


omg because a man and a women are friends with eachother and theyre single the media automatically assumes their datingg. how about before you put stories out, you make sure you get the facts straightt;)


How about Reggie date a black woman for a change?


another made-up story! Why don't you ask Reggie so he can set you idiots straight

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