Jesse James: Gay Slur-Using, Cheating, Nazi Jackass

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If you thought Jesse James' reputation couldn't get any worse, think again. Accusations of gay bashing have surfaced surrounding Sandra Bullock's cheating husband.

James has been accused of many unfavorable things, thanks to a sordid cheating scandal, a Nazi photo, etc. But here his own words may come back to bite him.

Jesse James: Outlaw

No, not the texts he wrote to Merilee Gerth. These emails are way worse.

An email between Jesse and a former coworker features Jesse making many gay slurs, behavior that has been leveled at him before by coworkers and acquaintances.

In what looks to be a falling out between Jesse and others, he writes: “Now you guys will be able to Suck each others d***s without anyone giving you a hard time!"


An artist's rendition of Jesse James' reputation ... and soon career.

Oh, but it continues: “That’s right!... my place is ‘f***ed up’ ... and the Two most ‘f***ed up’ things about my place are gone now! ... Don’t worry though you 2 f***ots will be fine!” the a$$hat continued. “Maybe Just Maybe?"

"If you suck his d**k real hard he might even put you guys on TV!”


Several sources have suggested that Jesse James has always had a problem with the gay community and has been known for making gay slurs in the workplace.

“He uses the word f***ot all the time,” an insider said.

“It makes people really uncomfortable and it’s very inappropriate, but it flows out of his mouth just as naturally as ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ does with most people.”

Time for Sandra Bullock to call her divorce attorney.


Who gives a rip? Get the f**k over it. They're words - that's all. Yeah, he's a douche, but he's also entitled to like or dislike anyone he wants, and voice it, just like the rest of us. Difference is most of you are too fecking cowardly to say what's on your minds. But some of us will... My hat's off to those people. It's getting REAL tired. It's ridiculous having to constantly see whiners posting all this butthurt BS everytime someone doesn't like them or says something they don't like. (Unless, of course, that person is WHITE - then okay to beat 'em down.) FFS - stop acting like you're all five years old. Aww, little b*tch got his feelings hurt... Who cares? Grow a spine! A jellyfish has a stronger spine than you little crybabies. What am I even doing on this shitstain of a website? I'm outta here...


This is really a good thing im glad there is still guys like jesse who say what they want do what they want and live how they want to its what being an american is all about if you dont like or approve of his life or actions then F##k you dont buy his stuff and dont listen to him on tv I for one support jesse james for being who he wants to be so quit your crying he said f@ggot and he had a nazi hat on get over it its not your life anyways this is exactily what is wrong with this country any ways to many cry babbies in closing if you dissaprove of my wrighting F#ck you I dont care


he should just come out and get it over with. you'd think by now some enterprising reporter would find his man whore and blow the lid off. STS


Yeah right, gays are universally revered and spoken of in glowing terms throughout mechanics' shops worldwide, and gay "slurs" are almost never heard. JJ has got a mouth on him almost as bad as Sandra Bernhard.


JJ doth protest too much.........