Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt Caught Kissing, Tabloid Hilariously Reports

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OMG, stop the presses. Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were caught kissing, according to a celebrity gossip tabloid. No word if they were "caught" back in 2002.

“They were very cozy, clearly embracing,” or so claims Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s ex-bodyguard Bill, who previously called Angelina a raging psycho, to In Touch.

“Several times, Brad and Jen were hugging and kissing.”

The insider, who's either completely made up by the celebrity gossip publication or looking to get sued, says Brad and Jen reconnected ... at the 2009 Oscars.

Since then, they have allegedly hooked up four times (which no one saw) - three times in LA and once in New York - and recently shared a passionate kiss!!!!

“I know that he still loves her,” says ex-bodyguard Bill, who because he is not a real person for security reasons chooses only to be identified by first name.

Caught Kissing!

CAUGHT! This seems to happen to them bimonthly.

In fact, there was one date that Bill says brought the former spouses closer than ever - and since then, Breniffer's relationship has heated up even more.

This is apparently before she decided Gerard Butler will impregnate her.

Brad and Jen arranged a secret meeting at the trails off of Western Canyon Road in Beverly Hills on December 9. The duo arrived in separate vehicles.

After Brad climbed into the passenger seat of Jen's Bentley, “They were very cozy, clearly embracing,” Bill reveals, without saying how he actually saw it.

On “paparazzi watch” at the time, he then advised the pair that they should leave, as a group photographers was supposedly spotted a few miles away.

“Jennifer left first, flashing Brad a quick peace sign and a smile,” says Bill. “Brad jogged back to his motorcycle, drove off and went for an hour bike ride.”

And the rest, as they say, is revisionist, fabricated history.


Brad lefted Jen because she so ugly and talentless. After break-up she been through a string of cosmetic surgeries and a string of men. But the plastic women can't keep anyone.Poor Jen boo hoo


Hey Jolie's haters. How do you know Jen is good wife? If she good wife. Her husband never run away.Look at her face look like a selfish man and her body is fake .She fixed from head to toes. Men never like old, ugly, plastic women.They dream beautiful, smart and talented women and expecially the women with a big warm hearted.. No matter what you insulted Jolie. Everybody know she better than your Jenifer Aniston 1000 times. Move on jealous bitter bitches


Brad was leaving Jenifer Aniston more than 5 years ago. He and Jen already move on. Why her fans still stuck can't move on? It's stink. Jenifer can't find lover that is her problem .Not Brad or Angie..Must be something wrong with Jen but her fan never mention.Just want to "Beat" Jolie.Hey, Jen fan. Let take your Jen to see Psycologist or Gynecologist to chech her problems. Why she scare men.Why she can't have Brad babies.




I find it sad that people seem to think they know everything about someone, how do they come to their conclusions about another human being? Is it by what they are told? Do they perceive a persons feelings and personality by the way they look? I suppose I think that the only person that knows you is yourself. I have been with my husband for 20 years and we have 2 children. I have been blessed with being able to spend my life with my best friend. To me, whether you're famous or not, it's the 4 C's all the way, Commitment, Compassion, Consideration & Companionship. So, whether any of the hype is true or not, bottom line is that,(I'm sure like the rest of us) Brad and Angelina are 2 human beings doing the best they can. Which must be an enormous task whilst always being in the public eye. I feel blessed to have the struggle of the simple life I have and only wish Brad, Angelina and their Children much happiness and togetherness.


Is it just me or is Brad Pitt getting uglier and uglier and Jen is HOT!!!! BUt if I were Jen I wouldn't get back back with that loser, not after being with that anorexic UGLY bitch Jolie...And Jolie needs to get a tan and gain some weight.


jen is jus havin fun with his ex so leave her alone... she deserves a waaaaaaaaaay better guy who's not jus changing taste everyday! i mean is there a tiny lil similarity between jen and angie!? she(angie) wish!!!


well, all i can say is.,brad is such a loser for letting a wonderful wife in exchange of a weird woman and that is angelina!!!!!!!!!!! so much for it, i think jen deserves a guy tht would really make her happy and not the other way around!


I don't believe Pitt and Aniston together.It will never happen.He is broken...Yes it happens very often,when husbands don't appreciate good wives.Why?Because all the men dream about something dirty.Isn't?Something more exiting,what doesn't make them boring.Don't keep your man boring,otherwise u are in trobles!


leave the brad and angelina the couple alone, world. they deserve their own space as much as any other normal couple in the world. breaking up or going strong is totally their own business. nobody else has a right to say about anybody else's relationships and love affairs coz they should be respected as personal issues as they are.

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