Jake Pavelka: Vote For Me on Dancing with the Stars!

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Long hours. Intense pressure. No pants. Jake Pavelka can endure that. Handling the "popularity contest" that is Dancing with the Stars? He's got issues there.

"I think dancing-wise, I've been doing OK," The Bachelor star said. "The thing I wasn't really prepared for was this is a little bit of a popularity contest!"

"I've been focusing 150 percent of my energy on learning dancing and neglecting the 25 million people who don't know they have to vote to keep you on."

Only 150 percent, Jake? Might wanna kick it up to 175, dog.

"Look at the competition," he says, "and [Chad] Ochocinco has 800,000 people on his twitter! I have 16,000. By the way, my twitter is @JakePavelka1."

Jake Pavelka, No Pants


Solid plug, J. He does raise a valid point, though many fans do vote for who they like (hence, Kate Gosselin lasted five weeks). Still, Jake feels he's up against it.

"It seems like everyone else is established in Hollywood, or they've walked on the moon, or run touchdowns for the Bengals. Everybody has a huge personality."

Well, the show is Dancing with the Stars, man. It's not Dancing with Peeps From Other Reality Shows and Celebrity Gossip Tabloids So We Can Boost Ratings.

The future Mr. Vienna Girardi, who was "shocked" he landed in the bottom two at one point, has stayed out of it the past two weeks as the field has narrowed.

Think he can win? Do you want him too? Who's your favorite couple in this popularity contest? Tell us who you're rooting for on Dancing with the Stars below:


Jake I knew you were going home last night it was your time. I was hoping that you would not still be engaged, maybe that is for the public eye. As if to say I told you so,well Vienna is in for the money as so are you. I can see that with all the new and expensive things that she has been wearing on the DWTS. As someone said recently you and Vienna are just a bunch crock. I do see now that you are do as I say or else type of person. Jake you do have a great smile.


Compared to a few others Jake's dancing wasn't too bad. His biggest downfall was the fact he wouldn't shut up when he's being citiqued. Tuesday night I felt he made a fool out of himself while waiting for his marks. You could tell by the look on his partner's face she too was also embarrassed for him.


I wouldn't vote for him if he was the last one on the show. Go home and take Vienna with you please. I am so sick of these two no talented loosers. Showing up at every hot spot so they can get their pictures taking slobbering all over each other. America is sick of both of you. You are starting or are turning people off with all of this public exposure.


No way,vote for Jake-Jake can't dance and is a lousy dancer.




jake should go home.he is making a fool of himself. i know he is trying to dance, but itstime to leave.he fooled the viewerson the bachelor,saying he was looking for love when he left tanya, to be famous and rich.jake grow up and be a man not a little boy.
and becareful of your assets.vienna is going to make a ass out of you very soon.all you two do is kiss and hug laugh in front of the cameras and spotlight.


Jake is lucky his 15 minutes of fame from his 2 seasons on The Bachelor got him on DWTS because he is NOT a star. He's a publicity seeking, cheesy, insincere tool who is looking for fame. He is so enamored with himself. Jake, the 25million Americans who watch the show do know they have to vote to keep the stars on; you arent getting the votes because your dancing is mediocre at best (you've almost fallen on your face several times) and everyone is sick of looking at you and hoping you'll be going home next.

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