Is Justin Bieber the World's Biggest Pop Star?

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Over the past week, Justin Bieber has chatted with Jay Leno and David Letterman, taped a segment for American Idol, sung at the White House and earned the number-one spot with with his album "My World 2.0."

Not a bad few days for this 16-year old phenom.

"What I have is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," Bieber says in the upcoming issue of People, which you can purchase off newsstands Friday. "And I'm having a blast."

As you can see below, the magazine goes on to anoint Justin as World's Biggest Pop Star. But is this really accurate?

Based on album sales alone, it's not very far-fetched. Only Lady Gaga, in his genre, can really compete with Bieber on the charts. Susan Boyle may have broken debut CD records last year, but no one would refer to her music as "pop."

Rihanna? She has far more number-one singles than Justin, but also a lot more experience. In five years, might he still be on top? Millions of teenage girls around the globe sure hope so.

You tell us: Is Justin Bieber the world's biggest pop star?


i am the biggest fan and i hope u reply


I certainly hope that People Magazine got permission from his school to use his fifth grade yearbook photo.

Avatar is apparent "People" mag is struggling...& this is a desperate attempt to boost know this will be eaten up by the young is a cheap Bieber move, on their part....


whatever, he really isnt even that great of a is all about promotion and Usher knows all about promoting young boys, as his mom did it to him, as a young'un....This kid doesn't even have 1/2 the chops that usher has & usher is struggling to be significant, in the current billboard...right now, he is trying to pull a timbaland & develop artist to ride, this kid will be a flash in the order to have staying power, boy wonder-kins have to have chops (ie: J.Timberlake)...he better invest well & keep his momma out of his pocket


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