Is Justin Bieber the World's Biggest Pop Star?

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Over the past week, Justin Bieber has chatted with Jay Leno and David Letterman, taped a segment for American Idol, sung at the White House and earned the number-one spot with with his album "My World 2.0."

Not a bad few days for this 16-year old phenom.

"What I have is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," Bieber says in the upcoming issue of People, which you can purchase off newsstands Friday. "And I'm having a blast."

As you can see below, the magazine goes on to anoint Justin as World's Biggest Pop Star. But is this really accurate?

Based on album sales alone, it's not very far-fetched. Only Lady Gaga, in his genre, can really compete with Bieber on the charts. Susan Boyle may have broken debut CD records last year, but no one would refer to her music as "pop."

Rihanna? She has far more number-one singles than Justin, but also a lot more experience. In five years, might he still be on top? Millions of teenage girls around the globe sure hope so.

You tell us: Is Justin Bieber the world's biggest pop star?


MJ is the king of,pop.not justin.justin is a singer.but mj is singer dancer director etc,. i dont like justin.n justin is never king of pop. i,dont like justin song.MICHAEL JACKSON IS KING OF,POP.BEFORE AFTER N FOREVER.


thhe one and only truth is pop= king of pop michael jackson whatever he had done no one can .


I think justin bieber is the biggest pop star ever he is so cute I wish he was my boy friend he can be anyones girlfriend who ever he picks its fine with me so look out ladys if you ever get to meet him or if he is your boyfriend good luck love every one xxxooo


no i do not think so


i think jackson is most popular pop star...


hahaha this nigga look gay than a bitch wat the fuck


Haha i put whos Justin as a joke :)


justin bieber is funny cute and talented i know he is NOT the next michael jackson but hes a talented kid and ya`ll should respect him and not dislike him for other people rewarding him for stuff everybody can do.


Michael Jackson is the best pop star
justin bieber dosnt write his own songs
Michael Jackson was MORE then a musician
he was a buisnessman
a philospher
a director
he gor 13 Grammy Awards
and ALOT more achievements/awards


Kid looks like a huge dork

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