Is Angelina Jolie Really That Bad?

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That Angelina Jolie bodyguard story from yesterday - in which the dude accuses her of being a heartless psycho bitch - can't possibly be true can it?

If you missed it, In Touch Weekly allegedly got one of Brad and Angie's former employees to spill the dirty beans about his, um, domineering ex-boss.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Brangelina and other stars presumably have their employees sign confidentiality agreements, which if he broke, he'd be in for one hell of a lawsuit here.

That said, are the things he says so far-fetched?

"Bill the bodyguard," as he's referred to, dishes that Jolie has a bit of a different persona between what the public sees and what goes on behind closed doors.

Who is the real Angelina Jolie exactly?

Seeing as she's a woman who complains about a lack of privacy, then flaunts PDAs with Brad and kids to silence the press, that's not a huge stretch.

He also alleges that her favorite method of punishment of the silent treatment, that she is unmoved by emotions and can switch moods in an instant.

The moniker "Arctic Angie" and her legendary mood swings didn't come out of nowhere, so there may be at least partial truth to that statement, too.

She and Brad not boning anymore, and sleeping in different rooms? Believable. Laughing when her children cry, though? That may be a little much.

In short, who's to say what's true and what isn't when it comes to Brangelina. Something may be amiss, but as THG sees it only two things are certain:

  1. The mind games Ang plays haven't driven Brad back to Jen ... yet
  2. Bill the Bodyguard is about to feel the wrath of the Ice Queen

If that alleged source is man enough he wouldn't be hiding under a cloak of anonymity and publish his real name and photo. Otherwise, he is nothing but a cowardly liar out to make a buck from tabloid In Touch by manufacturing made-up malicious insinuations. Say what you think about about Tiger Woods' and Jesse James' accusers and their intentions, but at least they have the courage to show their faces and not insinuate anonymously.


Why in heaven's name even if they did break up, would he go back to Aniston who has about as much sex appeal as a lemon? Cute yes, and with all her millions she can afford to always look good but, face it, she is no Angelina Jolie, and not very successful as a serious actress for god's sake. Also once you fall out of love with someone, you can't ever get that back.


Well, from my point of view, there is no way we can now for sure Angelina is a "crazy psycho" or not. But one thing is sure, I would certainly not base my opinion on what a looser ex-employee is saying. Think about it for a minute, would he have made the cover of In touch by saying how Angie was a sweet angel and such a great mother. And by the way, why is he an ex-employee? Really, what a looser!!!


As far as I am concerned, any person feeling they need to "spill the dirty beans" on anyone to the public is the bad person in the situation. Aren't we ALL different at home than we are at work or vice versa? Some more than others. So what if she is like that, I am not a huge fan or hers, but she's not killing anyone or committing a crime. IF this story is true, this guy and people like him need to get a life and worry about how they treat others.


oh jesus christ. how many tell all books have been made about her and pitt? and how many more is about to be made? and you believe In Touch magazine? really? as what you have mentioned, their bodyguards have this confidentiality contracts, do you actually think they'd risk being sued and paying or could face jail just to make this book? come on. use your head. or do you even have a brain?


I just think he is a disgruntled employee and this is his way of getting his revenge. Of course, nobody really knows what goes on behind closed doors. I just hope it isn't true.


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