Is Angelina Jolie Really That Bad?

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That Angelina Jolie bodyguard story from yesterday - in which the dude accuses her of being a heartless psycho bitch - can't possibly be true can it?

If you missed it, In Touch Weekly allegedly got one of Brad and Angie's former employees to spill the dirty beans about his, um, domineering ex-boss.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Brangelina and other stars presumably have their employees sign confidentiality agreements, which if he broke, he'd be in for one hell of a lawsuit here.

That said, are the things he says so far-fetched?

"Bill the bodyguard," as he's referred to, dishes that Jolie has a bit of a different persona between what the public sees and what goes on behind closed doors.

Who is the real Angelina Jolie exactly?

Seeing as she's a woman who complains about a lack of privacy, then flaunts PDAs with Brad and kids to silence the press, that's not a huge stretch.

He also alleges that her favorite method of punishment of the silent treatment, that she is unmoved by emotions and can switch moods in an instant.

The moniker "Arctic Angie" and her legendary mood swings didn't come out of nowhere, so there may be at least partial truth to that statement, too.

She and Brad not boning anymore, and sleeping in different rooms? Believable. Laughing when her children cry, though? That may be a little much.

In short, who's to say what's true and what isn't when it comes to Brangelina. Something may be amiss, but as THG sees it only two things are certain:

  1. The mind games Ang plays haven't driven Brad back to Jen ... yet
  2. Bill the Bodyguard is about to feel the wrath of the Ice Queen

any many after being with Mrs Jolie is damaged goods!


Jennifer has no interest in Brad. He wouldnt dare come back to her she would tell him to get bent and hell NO does she want to play step mom to his six kids. She would never get rid of AJ ever again. It is just sad that Angie cant just BE a good mom, BE a humanitarian, BE an awesome person...if she were...the good press would follow. If she lived and honest and heart centered life she would have no need to manipulate the press and think about damage control and image every five seconds. Brad, he is just disappointing. He is a sock puppet for Angie. He was completely mesmerized and star struck over her and while his head was still swimming, he had knocked her up and adopted two kids before they were even together a year. Now he just acts more like a politicians wife than a man. Why cant these people just do good work and go home and not think about or worry about some stupid unrealistic image? Robert Downey Jr is a way better actor the BP ever will be, he has a checkered past, he owns up to it and takes responsibility for it, it is in the past, he has moved on and we have too. He works, he kicks ass, then he goes home to his wife and does some yoga. Leo, same thing, Matt Damon, same thing, Mark Wahlberg, same thing. I just dont get all the bullshit. It makes them look like characters in a SNL skit.


EXCUSE ME BUT I MENT TO SAY THAT BRAD PITT IS NOT HOT AND NO LONGER IS GOOD LOOKING and can someone please tell me why the hell he always wears that dirty looking ski cap. I mean look at how absolutely gorgeous Angelina Jolie is and look at him. It's clear Brad Pitt is an unhappy man and go back and look at the pictures of Brad Pitt just 5 years ago the last vacation they had before they split. Brad Pitt has aged very fast and Jolie and Pitt are just two different people. Angelina has that wild streak in her and she will always have that because it's entrenched in her personality. The kids won't make them stay together and they will split one day and I am convinced of it. They will just make arrangements like other divorced couples do in regards to the kids and visitations, property,their money etc. Angelina is also much younger than Brad Pitt and she is in her prime still.


I do believe some of the stuff I hear about Jolie. This couple lied to the public for months before she announced she was pregnant. I do think she is very different from Brad Pitt and I do believe the relationship problems and I don't believe the phony kissing and family time bull at the super bowl and it is called DAMAGE CONTROL.Let's face it Angelina has a history and the reason Brad Pitt has not run back in to the arms of Jennifer Aniston is because it is well known now that she just simply does not want him or his baggage or his drama and she said she was no longer attracted to him anymore and has anyone noticed how Brad Pitt has changed in his looks in just 5 years? He is hot and he looks old and Jen Aniston looks fabulous and as for Jolie it will be just a matter of time before she does fall for someone and dumps Brad Pitt. This relationship with all 6 kids and no marriage is a very unhealthy one.


Hellooo. There is no former bodyguard spilling "secrets" or "inside" dirt. Just more made up headline grabbing BS. When will people wake up to the tabloid/gossip industry? Why do you think celebes ignore this constant barrage of negativity? No one with half a brain believes it and industry people know it's pure BS. Nothing in the millions of photos we have seen of Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and their kids depicts anything but hands on and caring parents. And remarkably there has never been anything negative reported about Angelina, or Brad for that matter, from people who actually know or have worked with either of them. These nasty stories sure must be fulfilling someone's negative fantasies including their author who is for sure not a former bogyguard.


she always seemed a little too perfect to me. everything about her is amazing both inside and out. and thats not ... well human. idk so i mean she should have some flaws. not really sure if all these are true of her


Obviously, we don't know what goes on in private, but I must admit, I've wondered about her for awhile. She comes across to me like she could be a very difficult person if she wants to, even from her facial expressions, very cold and hard sometimes. And would Brad still be with her if they didn't have children together?


This was written by a bunch of bitchy highschool bullies. They haven't grown up..... malign, name call, take sides, taunt, makeup stories.....highschool bullying tactics! No wonder kids are bullied relentlessly, it is supported and tolerated by maintstream western media (culture). The fact they can print this garbage says, ITS OKAY TO SINGLE OUT AN INDIVIDUAL AND SAY WHAT EVER THE FCUK YOU WANT REGARDLESS OF THE EVIDENCE TO THE CONTARY. When is this shit goin to use alleged abuse to sell copy is totally f-up.


Whenever an employee is terminated, everyone should be suspicious of his/her publications. I'm a Mom and I've laughed at my kids when they've cried because they looked so adorable. I reached for them too, just as the picture published shows Angelina Jolie reaching for her crying daughter. The picture also shows Angelina holding on to this now happy daughter, as her mom brings her inside. It's clear from the former body guard's comments that he's never had kids or loved them with a love that is beyond measure. As for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt having separate bedrooms - that's just awesome. I don't know of any married couples who wouldn't just love that! That way, you can sleep together or apart and you can whoop it up in either room! By the way, why does Angelina Jolie have to be perfect every single minute? No one is.


hey peacemaker....They may well be lies. But the point is that they should protect their children first. If they don't care about what's written about them I'm sure their children do. And why sue a newspaper over breakup stories to protect their kids, but not come right out once and for all to set the record straight that all of the tabloids are lies? This week one all the tabloids is saying nasty things about them. One is claiming that angie has had ongoing bisexual relations with Jenny Shimusi for years since she's been with Brad. The two of them should call these tabloids out, for the sake of the kids.


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