Ian Somerhalder in GQ: 13-Year Old Girls Love Me!

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Though he enjoyed a steady gig on Lost during the show's initial, hugely popular first season, Ian Somerhalder didn't land any magazine features until the fall of 2009.

That's when The Vampire Diaries premiered on The CW and Somerhalder found himself the subject of cat calls and screams typically reserved for Taylor Lautner or Robert Pattinson.

"The decibel level at which a 13-year-old can explain how much she loves you - it's the coolest thing ever," the actor says in the latest issue of GQ.

Why all the excitement over this 32-year old actor? The photos below tell you all you need to know:

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I am ssoo obsessed with da vampire diaries I went
Behind my parents back and watched it. I love u
Damon I've got thousands of photos of u please come
To new Zealand I'm even gonna name my kids Ian and
Damon haha lol. I'm saving up to come over to L.A
And I'll pay $1000 just to meet u Not really but
I would pay ANYTHING ..... Love u Damon ian


i am Ian somerhalder biggest fan i love him on vampire diaries i am 14 years old and my biggest wish in life is to meet him he is so HAWT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to meet him so bad but it wont happen oh well i can always dream bout meeting him!


OMG!!! I luv u!! Ur soooo hot!! Ur my favorite not stefan:)


OMG!!! I luv u!! Ur soooo hot


I meant he is my hero now !!!!! LOVE YYOU DAMON/IAN


I love Ian aka Damon I even love that name he is the only reason I watch the Vampire Diaries first I loved Stephan and then I saw Damon in action and Holy Shi...!!! He is the HOTTEST MAN I have ever seen!! Everyday after school I ould go right to the computer and watch him all night he is the CUTEST/ HOTTEST guy I have ever seen!!! I hope he comes to Mimnnesota someday I would love to meet him I is My HERO now!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU IAN/DAMON!!!!!:) I am 13 years old!!!!!!


He is the only reason why I'm watching the vampire diaries Damon


OMG LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm 18 and he's the only reason why I watch the vampire diaries. I.love.him!! He is so hot and sexy and I would totally do him...... If he was younger lol LOVE YOU IAN! Xx


im a 17 year old boy, and i love ian, so hot bro;)