Ian Somerhalder in GQ: 13-Year Old Girls Love Me!

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Though he enjoyed a steady gig on Lost during the show's initial, hugely popular first season, Ian Somerhalder didn't land any magazine features until the fall of 2009.

That's when The Vampire Diaries premiered on The CW and Somerhalder found himself the subject of cat calls and screams typically reserved for Taylor Lautner or Robert Pattinson.

"The decibel level at which a 13-year-old can explain how much she loves you - it's the coolest thing ever," the actor says in the latest issue of GQ.

Why all the excitement over this 32-year old actor? The photos below tell you all you need to know:

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Dear Ian, Robbert P., Taylor L., and whoever plays Stephan can take a hike. YOU Ian are the one and only actor who does justice to the role of a vampire.I am 13 and very Thursday I watch Vamp. Diaries and root for Damon and Elena so bad!!!!!! If you ever are in New Youk call me, please.It would, mean the world to me!p.s. the eyes!!!!! Oh my gosh! They are amazing. You probably can actually compelled people! Or maybe just all of your millions of fans.ha! Well continue being awesome and mysterious( both on screen and off).


Robbert P., Taylor L., and whoever plays Stephan can take a hike. YOU Ian are the one and only actor who does justice to the role of a vampire.I am 13


My friend Taylor and I are obsessed with him so much! Were both 12 and crazzyy about him . I think Nina and Ian are the cutest couple ever!!! OMG im on the phone with her right now and im ignoring her by accident because im typing about ian... yah im obsessed. Anyways we love you!! and yah we love you. I am your #1 fan literally. I talk about him to my friends and their just like shutup Shanley! L0L this is Taylor talking: Me and Shanley are your biggest fans even though were 12 we watch Vampire Diaries everyday and cry that we have for a week to see him again on The Vampire Diaries. Anyways I'm back and I'm reading the book.... Ian they nailed your character!! L0L taylors singing im brining sexy back in the backround... hehe BYEBYE! By the way... we live in CA just in case you wanna visit!


im with team damon cause he is fantastic and i very much prefer the bad boy over goodie two shoes. ian seems like a fantastic guy and cares for others plus he is SUPER HOTTT ( im 13 and im in love)


U chicks are prolly creepin this guy out. Or maybe hes flattered but if u keep on with the creepiness i doubt he'll wanna meet u. Just sayin. (To Ian) i will say u act very well n i really like wht u do with ur eyes. N watchin u on the vampire diaries has made me more confident n i thank u


I never have mad crushes on celebrities but I'm in love over him;) he seems such a nice guy in real life! I'm not even ashamed to say That I'm obssesed with him! Hes all I think about haha sounds cheesy but it's true.. And Delena all the way baby!


I love u soooo much especially in lost u r soooo amazing . Xxx by the way I'm 12 years old XXXXX


I love u so much Ian aka damon!!! I wish I could meet
U some day u r soooooo amazing especially in lost omg I watch that every day !! Love u XXX by the way I'm 12. Years old XXX


Ian I loved you on Lost and even more on Vampire Diaries. I'm not going to say I'm your number one fan because I'm not. You are and incredible actor and I just hope that one day I can be as good as you. You, Paul, and Nina are my idols. So thank you! (:


Please date Elena on vampire diaries Coz my friend
Is like I'm kathrine. So I'm like I'm Elena please marry her
It makes me fell like ur kissing my. Btw I'm ur number 1 fan