How Awesome is Taylor Swift?!?

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It might not get any cooler than Taylor Swift.

Already one of the more grounded, respected, popular singers on the planet, Taylor helped her reputation even more by making the dreams of a few Auburn University students come true. Here's what went down:

In January, Michael Wekall and Ryan Leander started the website A Hug From Taylor Swift. Their goal? To receive a hug from Taylor Swift. D'uh!

The pair posted videos and made online pleas to the star, which were soon met with a challenge from Taylor herself: perform some good deeds, encourage others to do the same, and perhaps the dream of an in-person meeting would come true.

Michael and Ryan did as they were asked - and Swift made good on her promise.

Swift Swarmed

Yesterday, Wekall and Leander urged students to meet them for a special karaoke session. Soon after the group completed a rendition of "You Belong With Me," Swift appeared on stage, donning a "Hug from Mike and Ryan" t-shirt.

Fast forward to the four-minute mark below to get to the especially cool part:

Seriously, how awesome is Taylor Swift?!?

Another Trophy
VMA Pose

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The musical genuis Miles Davis, you twit.


@kaykay (and others): Why is there a need to compare Taylor and Carrie Underwood? I love Carrie. I went to her concert in Michigan Friday night. People can't appreciate both artists because one won an award over another?
I said in this post that Swift is "grounded, mature and popular." I then went on to detail how cool of a gesture she made for these students. Why would any of these remarks be met with disdain? Why would you, or anyone, feel some need to go negative and say that Swift doesn't have a great voice?
Did I ever say she did?!? Does that mean she can't be a great role model for fans?


Joyride can eat it ... ignorant hoe


@Joyride: Good point. I should have realized you didn't care when you posted on this blog... and then posted again... and then posted again. Man, I can't imagine what you'd do if you DID care!
I do appreciate your advice that I should spend my time more productively, however. Can I ask you for a recommendation? Maybe posting on a celebrity gossip blog numerous times per day? Just trying to follow your lead here... P.S. I didn't know that former NBA star Darius Miles has an album.


@ Hilton Hater Then why didn't she clean up at the CMA's this year? Wasn't it all about Carrie Underwood, you know the girl who actually HAS talent and can sing? I guess everyone was just over feeling sorry for her from the whole KanYe incident. Seriously, before that incident she was just some stupid girl with a guitar singing corny, teenage love songs. Then KanYe SPOKE THE TRUTH and soon everyone felt sorry for her and she won all those awards. Seriously, look at Taylor Swift's video and compare to Beyonce's. THERE IS NO COMPARISON. Beyonce' can sing that girl under the table on a bad day. Taylor may be sweet, go to random colleges in Alabama and surprise fans but the fact still remains she cannot sing. She is overrated and she should thank KanYe West for giving her all pity awards she received.


What part of I don't care, don't you understand? I have already stated that if you like her that's fine, but don't expect me to like her. So, you think you have facts, who gives a rat's ass? Anyone that researched Taylor Swift facts is a complete idiot. Why not spend your time a little more productive? There are great books out there to read and great songs and great singers that sing them. You should listen to some of the great songs instead of this over hyped crap. Don't bother posting me back, because I'm listening to Miles.


These guys are soooo lucky im very jealous!! Taylor I heart you please come to New York and sing for me and my posse! I would love you foreverz and everz!!


@Joyride: Taylor has won 6 Country Music Association Awards, and 5 Country Music Television Awards. These are really easy facts to look up. She was also named Entertainer of the Year by Rolling Stone. Do you really wish to get into an argument about her awards haul? There's not an artist under 25 that comes anywhere close. Taylor has won 62 awards.
Moreover, yes, there are receipts one must submit for tax purposes that prove it was Taylor's money going to those charities.
I've provided some basic facts about Ms. Swift. You've called her a "tranny." Not exactly sure your points hold up against mine. You may refer to me as "close minded" all you want. Between the two of us, one of us has provided facts, the other has based her opinion on someone else's looks. There's something for you to be proud of. I'll take my kind of "close-mindedness" every day of the week.


Get your facts straight, she was an embarrassment to the grammies, she did not win at American Country Music Awards, Carrie Underwood did. I don't care how much money she said she gave, because I'm sure it wasn't her money. That's just the spin they put on it for dumbasses to believe. And, yes, I thought the statement about her looking like a tranny was very open minded. I think you need to read your post and see how closed minded you are.


@Joyride: It might not just be you saying she's over-hyped, but here's who does NOT share that point of view:
The Grammy Awards, the Country Music Awards, the American Music Awards, the MTV Music Awards, the Teen Choice Awards, the four million people that bought her albums in 2009 alone or the students that have benefited from the $250,000 she donated last year to schools around the country, or the people in Iowa who received $100,000 from Swift in 2008 to help with flooding in the area.
But, hey, she looks like a tranny, right? Way to have an open mind.


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