How Awesome is Taylor Swift?!?

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It might not get any cooler than Taylor Swift.

Already one of the more grounded, respected, popular singers on the planet, Taylor helped her reputation even more by making the dreams of a few Auburn University students come true. Here's what went down:

In January, Michael Wekall and Ryan Leander started the website A Hug From Taylor Swift. Their goal? To receive a hug from Taylor Swift. D'uh!

The pair posted videos and made online pleas to the star, which were soon met with a challenge from Taylor herself: perform some good deeds, encourage others to do the same, and perhaps the dream of an in-person meeting would come true.

Michael and Ryan did as they were asked - and Swift made good on her promise.

Swift Swarmed

Yesterday, Wekall and Leander urged students to meet them for a special karaoke session. Soon after the group completed a rendition of "You Belong With Me," Swift appeared on stage, donning a "Hug from Mike and Ryan" t-shirt.

Fast forward to the four-minute mark below to get to the especially cool part:

Seriously, how awesome is Taylor Swift?!?

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@ Nikki, no she didn't. She's been promoting herself as a pop "singer". It's very rightful for her to be shut out of the COUNTRY scene. I mean COME ON! She invited Katy Perry for her concert! Who does that?! So, no. She DIDN'T DESERVE Entertainer of The Year.


Oh God... Not this untalented hag again. I guess she really is desperate for attention. Why can't she be like most country artist who just lay low and do their own thing without using youtube to promote themselves. Oh yeah! She's not a COUNTRY artist. I really don't care what she does, I just hope she'll permanently move to pop. If you think about it, she'll fit in perfectly with the likes of Rihanna, Ke$ha etc etc.. Autotuned, studio-produced "singers".


@ Tsharky SHE CAN'T FUCKING SING!!!! That's my point you dip shit. It's funny how you say you listen to good music, yet every artist you mentioned is overly commcercialized and is played a million times a day on top 40 stations. Way to go buddy, your taste is SO good. Your the one who apparently doesn't get the concept of music, well good music anyway. In the mean time, please educate yourself on real music other than bubble gum pop. A grammar course wouldn't hurt either. Thanks.


Taylor should have taken Entertainer Of The Year at the ACMs not Carrie. She deserved it more.


@ Tsharky If it wasn't for people like you, who are actually "fans" of Taylor and THINK she can sing, nobody would have to point out the fact that she is lacking in the vocals department. AND hearing "love story" or "You belong with me" (which both SUCK ASS BTW) can only be heard so many times without wanting to rip ones ears off. The music business does not care about talent (case and point, Taylor Swift, Kesha, Rihanna). People like you, who buy into this commercialized crap they put out and call music, make them money and they keep punishing everyone by making more "music".


funny how all these people who dislike Taylor cant seem to stop talking about her. Its like shes always on their mind! OH NOES! could they have a secret crush on her? why else would they keep talking about her? If I didnt like a person I would just move on, i dont know thats just me. But it seems people on here who continue to dislike her looooovvveeee to talk about her. what other logical reason could there be? Oh wait.. let me help you trolls out
SHES TONE DEAF SHES TONE DEAF SHES TONE DEAF cuz of course that is what youre going to say right? and havent already said a million times, bunch of repetitive redundant insignificant trolls.


@Joyride: Miles Davis? Is he related to Hollywood bad boy Brandon Davis?


Cool thing for Taylor to do. The "tranny" comment is way out of line. @Hilton Hater: I think Taylor's overexposure created backlash. I don't think she can sing a lick either and no number of awards will convince me otherwise (let's face it, the industry was just happy somebody was selling records). But she's a very smart girl and she's got a great ability to connect with her fans. Very cool that she's leading them to good stuff like this. Taylor did a good job on SNL so maybe she could transition into being an actress and skitwriter plus keep songwriting with other people singing her songs. That way she could keep the star status she's got now and keep inspiring young boys and girls, but she wouldn't assault our ears with the singing ;)


Hilton Hater: I suggest reading "The Horsedealer's Daughter", it's about a doctor that he has become trapped in his own opinions, then he meets someone and falls in love, then realizes his opinions were farcical. I'm very aware that the subject is TS.


People, People - this article is about the fan meeting and concert Taylor gave at Auburn University. You know, a great gesture and a great example of why so many love Taylor. Let's not get into comparing awards, songs, etc. It is possible to like more than one enterainer. Anyway, I love Taylor Swift & things like this that she does make me love her more. Can't wait for her new album.


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