How Awesome is Taylor Swift?!?

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It might not get any cooler than Taylor Swift.

Already one of the more grounded, respected, popular singers on the planet, Taylor helped her reputation even more by making the dreams of a few Auburn University students come true. Here's what went down:

In January, Michael Wekall and Ryan Leander started the website A Hug From Taylor Swift. Their goal? To receive a hug from Taylor Swift. D'uh!

The pair posted videos and made online pleas to the star, which were soon met with a challenge from Taylor herself: perform some good deeds, encourage others to do the same, and perhaps the dream of an in-person meeting would come true.

Michael and Ryan did as they were asked - and Swift made good on her promise.

Swift Swarmed

Yesterday, Wekall and Leander urged students to meet them for a special karaoke session. Soon after the group completed a rendition of "You Belong With Me," Swift appeared on stage, donning a "Hug from Mike and Ryan" t-shirt.

Fast forward to the four-minute mark below to get to the especially cool part:

Seriously, how awesome is Taylor Swift?!?

Another Trophy
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Let's see... on an awesomeness scale of 1 to 10, Taylor is 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,! She's sweet, honest, down-to-earth, and amazingly talented at writing, singing (live or not), playing music, acting, and everything else she does! Sadly, though, she's insanely underrated; people keep dissing her on the internet and IRL. What did she ever do to the people who say bad things about her? All she's trying to do is make people happy, and that's exactly what she does. If you don't like her music, don't listen to it - simple as that! Oh well, people who say bad things about her are wrong. Nothing they say is true - never has been, never will be. Keep on rocking, Taylor! Don't let anyone get you down - you're awesome at everything you do no matter what anyone says! :)


You're just jealous....most of you are never going to be so pretty,talented or philanthropic like Taylor.And she DESERVED all awards she won and many others she didn't...


So what if she doesn't have the greatest voice ever. So what if she's not as Country as she was when she first started in this business. So what if you think she's got no talent. We don't need your opinion to decide on who we like and who we don't. Plus, if you 'hate' Taylor Swift or whatever then why would you even look at this page? Maybe she is moving towards Pop but last time I checked, it's not illegal. At least she has the guts to follow her dreams of becoming a singer/songwriter. She writes about her life and if you can't accept her for who she is, then just ignore her and don't come clicking on this link and posting horrible and ridiculous things about this lovely artist. [Taylor is down to earth and not like almost every other celebrity. She doesn't drink, smoke, or party but instead, turns to music.]


A lot of you people commenting are real nasty sicko's. Who gives a rat's a$$ what you all think of Taylor's singing, which by the way is good. This is about a promise to fans that Taylor kept. Taylor flew there in between concerts on her tour and it was a very nice, classy thing to do. But some of you are such pathetic losers that can't think for themselves and jumped on the express train trying to being Taylor down. Don't you know that as soon as an artist earns awards and the love of many many many people, the same media and people that sang her praises also set out to bring her down. The fickle media and public are all about building up only to tare down. Taylor Swift is one of the sweetest, humble, honest celebs today and her music is awesome and all of your nasty comments will not change that and will not affect her fans and the love they have for her. You are all to be pittied.


I LOVE taylor's singing, and she is not tone deaf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the people that hate taylor swift are so dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and that's what I have to say?????????


to robert and trsharkey stop cusing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


iam a hugh fan of taylor swift i wish i can meet her but i don't fly


Oh god.. We all know she's only doing this because all she has now are her "fans". EVERYONE knows that she's a no talent hack. Everyone's starting to shut her out. She's upping her "fan-loving dedication" to prevent her remaining fans from leaving her too.. Look at the ACMs. She made a stupid, desperate video begging people to vote, yet she lost to someone who DID NOT make a video (her fans made a few for her out of their own initiative). See where I'm going? TS needs to DO something for her fans to support her. While other TALENTED people have their loyal fans to support them, without them having to be bribed!


this isnt about her talent. it's about a celebrity keeping it real and going above and beyond for some fans. sure, taylor is no carrie underwood in vocals, but maybe some celebrities should follow her lead when it comes to fan dedication. cool thing for her to do.


buy her a new set of kneepads,and she'll love you forever


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