Happy Birthday, Joanna Krupa!

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A few months ago, Joanna Krupa was just another beautiful super model.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

But then the Polish native appeared on Dancing with the Stars, posed topless for PETA - and really drew the ire of the Catholic Church by covering her naked body with a crucifix.

Krupa's defense of this controversial ad? God agrees with me.

With The Big Guy already on her side, birthday wishes from anyone else would likely pale in comparison. Still, we encourage readers to send in comments to Krupa today, as she turns 31. In the model's honor, we've posted a photo montage below.

It includes the aforementioned, scandalous, cross-themed nude picture...

Gone Topless
Nude for PETA
Joanna and Derek
Krupa, Joanna
Joanna Krupa, Playboy Cover
Joanna Krupa, Playboy
Two Hotties
Hot Dancer
Joanna Krupa, Maxim
Joanna Krupa Nude
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WHO!!?? Just another WHORE who likes taking her clothes off for money GREAT!!


She is amazing. What I like the most is how dedicated she really is to helping animals. She is always at the shelters. Others are all talk, she walks.....plus she is such a beauty and very humble. Happy Birthday, Joanna!

Joanna Krupa Biography

Joanna Krupa Nude Joanna Krupa is an extremely good looking model. She doesn't like to wear fur, or much of any clothing for the most part. Thank goodness... More »
Warsaw, Polana
Full Name
Joanna Krupa