Gretchen Rossi Ordered to Court, Must Pay Jay Photoglou

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Gretchen Rossi was almost placed in handcuffs yesterday, but not for the reasons this dirty Real Housewife probably would like.

After failing Rossi failed show up for a court appearance on Thursday, a judge issued a bench warrant for her arrest. However, he held it for a week and ordered the reality star to show up on Thursday, April 29.

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From what does this mess stem? Rossi was scheduled to be in court for a debtor examination related to money she owes ex-boyfriend Jay Photoglou. The cash results from a lawsuit she filed against him that was thrown out.

Since then, Photoglou has sued the Real Housewife of Orange County for slander.

A judge awarded Jay $18,900 and Photoglou wants to collect.

“A lawyer from the firm Gretchen hired showed up in court and asked for a continuance because Gretchen’s lawyer was unavailable,” said Jay’s lawyer, Orlando Castano Jr. “Gretchen didn’t show up and the judge then issued a bench warrant for her arrest, holding it to give them the opportunity for her to come to court. She must show up next Thursday at 8:30 a.m.”


I use to like her until she started on Slade about being overweight....REALLY....He doesn't look overweight to me!!!


@deborah,firstly Gretchen does not wear hair extensions, I've seen alot worse acne...Were you there when she apparently cheated on Jeff? maybe you should give your dictionary a once over.


Firstly, she has a lot of nerve launching a skin care/makeup line until she gets her acne in check. In addition, WE ALL know she cheated on Jeff. Lastly, she made a comment about what Slade was eating in Palm Springs (tumbo?) proving her shallowness. GET LOST, Gretchen and lost the oversized extensions.

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