Fill Out the Census Form or Chris Brown Will End You

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Chris Brown takes the U.S. Census very seriously.

The R&B singer is doing his part to get the word out, heading up a rally at Virginia Union University intended to inspire people to fulfill their civic duty.

Otherwise he will pummel you senseless. Just kidding. But all peeps are required by law to fill it out, the struggling-to-stay-relevant star told the crowd.

Brown addressed why he wanted to get involved: "This isn't like a career move for me per se. It's not like I'm promoting my album, records and stuff."

"It's more of me coming out being able to show kids and be what I am, a role model. I know a lot of kids look up to me." At least at one point ...

Thuggin' it Up

Listen to Chris Brown, Census haters. [Photo:]

While Rihanna cheered on Matt Kemp in L.A., Brown insisted he wasn't at the rally simply as a means of taking attention off his previous walloping of her.

"Well, it does [help my image], but it's not about the image. It's about a positive cause," he said. "It's not for a charitable event so I can look good."

"It's not. It's a natural thing that I really wanted to do."

Brown admitted in an interview that he was confused at first: "I was unaware of it in the beginning too, I was like, 'I'm not too sure what the census is.'"

Fortunately, Have You Ever Beaten Your Girlfriend Senseless Over a Booty Call Text Message is not a question on it ... just name, address and stuff.


So what he didn't know what a cesus is, i doubt that rihanna knew about it also? Or that 50-60% of you Americans knew what a census was?


Chris Brown can save someone's life, and they would claim he did it for selfish reasons! Rihanna didn't give damn then, and she doesn't give a damn now, but for some unknown reason you people still care.


I don't give a fukk about Chris "Woman-Beater" Brown, waste of sperm and egg. He can fukk off!!


Well, at least Chris brown already knows about head counts.


Why don't do you get a life!


Stop HAtin Fucker!!! Chris Brown is best!!! Fuckin bitch!!


Good for Chris! Loves him


I can't believe the US Government has spent over 1 billion on this census garbage.
I also can't believe the only spokesman the US Government could come up with was Chris Brown - was Ike Turner busy?


stop hating! it was a fxcking year ago! She moved on and 4gave him so why is it any of our business? He is trying to be a better person


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