Facebook Group Vows to Vote Justin Bieber Out of Male Gender

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Bad news, teenage girls around the world:

If a certain Facebook group gets a few more signatures, Justin Bieber will no longer be a member of the male gender.

As you can see below, someone has started a page that questions whether or not this 16-year old singer deserves to be considered a man. While it doesn't list the qualities that make his masculinity questionable, it's safe to assume that bowl cut sits atop the list...

Facebook Group Photo

Bieber has sky-rocketed to fame over the last few months. His album is number-one on the charts and he's shown no hesitation to take on Miley Cyrus, Disney and anyone that stands in his way.

How will Justin respond to this calling out of his manhood? Likely with a laugh, possibly with a record-number of female a$$ tapping for a guy his age. Anything is possible with Bieber.

He performed at the Juno Awards in Canada over the weekend, and we've posted a few photos from the concert below:

Taking It All In
Canada Performance
He's Da Boy!

Should Justin Bieber be booted from his gender? Sound off now! [Photos: Splash News]

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Damn i was going to vote no hes not a man but the poll is only for guys. I don't even think he is all that cute hes ok, he could be waaaaaaaaaaaaay BETTER.


he does sound like a girl though. he is a breakout star plus luck because there is no competition but it remains to be seen if he is in the closet. he does not look manly for sure.


Hey, I'm just an old senior citizen woman loving man, but Justin Beiber?....I'd do him.


HAhahaha! Yes! Does anyone have the group in question? I would like to applaud them for being genius'.


ok how lame! 'vote justin bieber out of the male gender' i repeat how lame! i mean there r such idiots in this world especially boys cause my cousin lyk signed up for this n i'm lyk u r such an idiot!! just let the kid live!! he's only 16!! n he's the youngest singer who's record has reaches no.1 since 1937!! thts gatta be somethin!! wht n abuse!!


justin is just a kid give him a break guys... see how he looks after some 25 year old groupie lets him shake the tree. once he smells that smell on the tips of his fingers he will butch up or call boy george and ask him how to break the real news to his fans .


i agree who ever say this should be smack not 9000 times but 10000 times no one can predict someone gender than god


jusin bieber


lolz.. I'd just like to get him voted out of Twitter Trending Topics! So tired of seeing his name everyday :)


This is the worst thing i've ever heard. It makes me sooooooooooo MAD, this is facebook abuse. Justin bieber is not doubt a MAN, considering he acts like a player. Nobody gets to decide someone else's gender other then God.