Facebook Group Vows to Vote Justin Bieber Out of Male Gender

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Bad news, teenage girls around the world:

If a certain Facebook group gets a few more signatures, Justin Bieber will no longer be a member of the male gender.

As you can see below, someone has started a page that questions whether or not this 16-year old singer deserves to be considered a man. While it doesn't list the qualities that make his masculinity questionable, it's safe to assume that bowl cut sits atop the list...

Facebook Group Photo

Bieber has sky-rocketed to fame over the last few months. His album is number-one on the charts and he's shown no hesitation to take on Miley Cyrus, Disney and anyone that stands in his way.

How will Justin respond to this calling out of his manhood? Likely with a laugh, possibly with a record-number of female a$$ tapping for a guy his age. Anything is possible with Bieber.

He performed at the Juno Awards in Canada over the weekend, and we've posted a few photos from the concert below:

Taking It All In
Canada Performance
He's Da Boy!

Should Justin Bieber be booted from his gender? Sound off now! [Photos: Splash News]

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Justin is one for me


Aw haha!!! Hate is not cool!! Leave JB alone


now all we need is 5000,000 grils to kee but i am the one


justain bieber i will love you for ever if you will love me and come to my home love love jb love


I think that it is OKAY to have an opinion about someone. But if it is something like trying to boot someone out of the gender that they were born in. They just think that that he sings like a girls because he hasn't hit pubery yet. (Which is OKAY!!!!)


Justin Bieber is hot so you bequiet you wint like to be pickt on like that


that's so mean




Hey if he has a ding a ling he is male. Sorry FB boyz but that's just the way it is with us girlz.


The kid is laughing all the way to the bank. As for the losers who have time to set up FaceBook accounts for this kind of mindless bullsh+t...PLEASE get a life. Go to the store. Take a walk. Something.