Erin Andrews: Maksim Chmerkovskiy is "Amazing"

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Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovskiy may or may not be dating, officially, but there is definitely something between them. And that something is hot.

When the ESPN reporter got the news she’d be on Dancing with the Stars, she knew she wanted to be paired up with Maksim Chmerkovskiy right away.

Because of his strong work ethic, of course... but also his musk.

“He's ridiculously amazing!” Andrews said on Ryan Seacrest's radio show. “We could be working out for hours and I’ll smell like a guy and he smells like a garden of lilies. I’m like, are you serious? I’ll put on a load of deodorant [and] spray myself up.”

It must help - they've been among the top scorers so far.

Aside from his scent, there are other characteristics drawing Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovskiy to each other. She told producers, “I want somebody that pushes me ... I’ll try to weasel my way out of things. I’ll be like, 'Let’s go get a latte!'"

"But Maks will say 'No. Do this step. Then we leave for latte.'"

Love. It's always give and take, right? And sexual chemistry.

Seriously. She literally asked for it.

“I flat out said to [the producers], I want sexual chemistry,” she admits. “I want to be put with Maks. I don’t care if he makes me cry, I want somebody that’s really hot.”

It'll only help with voters. When that whiner Kate Gosselin stays around and Shannen Doherty gets kicked off, you know it's a popularity contest first and a dancing competition second. Fortunately, Erin and Maks should be quite popular.


i have voted for MAKS for 8 seasons, but i am so over him ,he did it himself, enough of h im and allthe crazy praising he gets I loved ERIN but he can never be true ot any one of his girls, of course he cheaed on her, HUFFINGTON POST, that is where the information is, people are getting tired of him and his posing ways,but on the other hand i think he wa scrazy about her but she was not his typical type girl, this is a girl he did not make cry, she made have made him cry, LOVE YOU ERIN


This couple just keeps getting hotter and hotter! GO MAKS & ERIN!


Who cares even if he is struck on himself, he's lucious to look at! A person of his profession has to be confident. LOVE MAKS.


No. He doesn't date every girl he dances with.


To Pak31: Good point! Since his break-up with Karina, he out sowing his wild oats. That guy is stuck on himself and can't have a lasting relationship with any woman as long as he is in love with himself! Gee, sucks to be him!


Funny, I thought the Producers put the Stars and their partners together at random taking into consideration height, etc. otherwise and unfair advantage such as what she is saying could occur. Poor Ashley Costa, I hope Buzz didn't ask for her, she doesn't deserve all the octenogerians and "oldies but goodies". Really, how long does his fame going to win over his abilites? Did Nicole pick Derek, or Aiden pick Edyta? Jeez, let this be on an even playing field. I'm sure if the Pro's got to pick partners, Tony NEVER would have picked Kate!




Doesn't this guy date every girl that he dances with?

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