Dr. Conrad Murray Defense Continues to Blame MJ

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It looks like Michael Jackson's addictive personality and need for instant gratification may become a critical component of Dr. Conrad Murray's legal strategy.

Yesterday we talked about how Dr. Murray's defense will argue that Michael Jackson killed himself by pumping a lethal dose of Propofol into his own body.

This happened, allegedly, when the doc left the room to use the can. Murray says he personally administered only an eighth of the amount in MJ's system.

That's far-fetched if you ask us. But to bolster the story, sources familiar with the defense's strategy say they plan to show it was in character for Michael.

Michael Jackson was a demanding celebrity, lawyers for Conrad Murray will claim, and a man-child who wanted what he wanted when he wanted it, period.

Even if it posed a danger to himself.

BLAME THE VICTIM: It's the only card Dr. Conrad Murray has left, and he's playing it. Valid or outrageous? A jury may have to make that determination in court.

Amazingly, the defense will use Coke to prove its point.

Not Coke as in cocaine, but plain ol' Coca-Cola. Michael Jackson apparently consumed massive quantities of the legendary soft drink, despite its caffeine content.

Jackson, an insomniac, knew full well that guzzling the stuff would make it hard to sleep, but he did not care. When the time came to sleep, he turned to drugs.

The defense will provide examples of MJ hyping himself up with caffeine from soda, then using drugs - including Propofol, an anesthesic - to knock himself out.

Basically, this is all meant to establish that he was an individual who demanded instant gratification, making the idea of Jackson waking up, seeing Dr. Murray was out of the room and self-medicating with massive amounts of Propofol believable.

Is it? What do you think? Did Michael Jackson play a role in his own demise, or is this shady doc trying to blame the victim to save his own a$$?


This "doctor" is a disgrace to the medical field. He swore an oath, and should have known better, regardless of MJ's celebrity. And it is obscene that he is now slandering a man who cannot defend himself.


Read the autopsy report Mr. Quack Murray and your a**hole legal team. I know myself from receiving propofol that you're out instantly. When you wake up you're in no shape to look for anything. It would take more than 2 minutes to be able to move much less look for a drug, find the syringe and inject it into the IV. I wish I could be as forgiving and loving as MJ, but I wish Murray would just drop dead and that would end it for him. Meanwhile, keep looking at all the doctors who prescribe for the glory of prescribing to celebrities.


me I think that the doctor protects from people it is not it only with blame


from wat i read online that caffine was from drugs injected into michael


YEAHHH right..conrad is blaming MJ because he is GUILTY
and he doesnt wanna know or hear the fact that HE KILLED HIM stupid assh*le


r u 4 real, is this doc on CRACK ??


he killed michael and he knows it.


Love it, now the coca cola made the propofal swim in Mj's eyes (autopsy report) and mircaleously MJ jumped up in 2 mins and inject himself...then hopped back to his bed, before the doctor could enter and stopped breathing, just to make the doctor look bad!!...amazing...even my story sounds better than Murray's. it's a bunch of crap!!


This is quite an act of desperation, but I suppose when you're up against these kinds of allegations that you craft whatever story you think will get you out of trouble. Stay tuned for similar stories from such scummy characters as Howard K. Stern and the doctors in that case. Everybody wants to be an enabler until it gets out of control, I say THROW THE BOOK AT THEM!


I mean it's the Doctor's fault and they should be prosecuted for bad practice and knowingly endanger a patient. I know a Doctor's human but, it shouldn't have been this easy to be swayed by his celebrity; and Michael did assist in his own demise by asking Doctors to inject him with this stuff in the first place, don't say that Michael was completely innocent in all of this.

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