Didi Benami Voted Off American Idol

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While Big Mike Lynche and Lee DeWyze showed off their soulful side and established themselves as contenders on Tuesday's American Idol along with Crystal Bowersox, plenty of other performers left the stage in mediocrity ... or worse.


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    America vote for talent, not for what the judges say! If Crystal wins she's not gonna make it in this industry. The list sucks big time whoever made it wasnt thinking sraight. we also watch this show in Africa and are usualy heartbroken when people with zero talent are voted as the winners. Records deal going to waste!!! Look at how successful Lambert and Archuleta are, because they were better singers and not the lousy winners! Sop vote wisely or we will stop watching your show.


    I dont think Crystal Bowersox is as good as the judges seem to think she is. The last perfomance was disgusting, and she was still praised. that isnt fair to other contestants like Lee and Katie who are in my opinion a million times better than her. Lee is my favourite, he's gat the voice and the look, but he should smile more then he'll make it. i love Casey too, the dude's HOT!!!


    My absolute favorite is lee he is clearly the best one...Not saying everyone is a bad singer everyone is good but LEE is it he will win this year and he will go far in life!!.. Casey is another contender he will be following right behing Lee they are what we need this year Good luck Boys love ya!!!!!!!


    This is a singing competition remember? Didi is beautiful, sensitive, emotional, but she she just cannot sing. No range, no strong vocals at all. Knew it would be her or Urban to go this past week. Crystal is CLEARLY the most gifted and talented singer of the bunch and has been from day one. Just like Adam Lambert was clearly the best last Season. But after last season, I realized it is not the just the singing being judged, it is the personality, the looks, the image. If the best is to win this season, Crystal Bowersox is IT!


    Well I see it......Siobhan by a mile, Crystal, Mike probably, and who knows.......We'll see how the alledged manipulations go, or how everything works on the up and up.....R


    I can't wait until Adam is on. That will be the highlight!!
    I like Crystal and Lee.
    Other than that, this season has been boring.


    Totally agree with the "list."
    But, I liked Didi too - she really blew it with letting her emotions get the best of her.
    Aaron...too young
    Mike- Too Rubin
    Crystal - too "one way"
    Katie and Tim - reached their potential - on a plateau
    Casey and Andrew - still trying
    Lee - Could win it if he would just relax and smile - a lot!


    I feel very sad to hear Didi going off the show ...It shocked me immensely!American people have no taste in music
    somebody who tries to be original gets kicked off It's NOT FAIR
    It's LIKE punishing a person who hasn't done the crime in jail.IT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT FAIR
    sitting down in India-


    It seems that Bowersox has already been crowned queen of the prom. If America chosses it might well be Siobhan. Simon will make sure to get rid of her so Bowersox won't have any competetion. As for big Mike, he's great, but they made that mistake with Rueben, they won't make it again. They keep holding Bowersox up as the next Janis Joplin. Does anyone really remember the real Janis Joplin. She was a foul mouth, drunken druggie and hardly a role model for anyone. Maria


    Wasted potential.
    Didi had one of the best voices, she was original and had an outstanding studio recording voice. She is by far appealing to today's music audience. The judges are crazy to have not saved her.

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