Demi Lovato on Grey's Anatomy: First Photo

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One could forgive Demi Lovato for being star struck meeting the Grey's Anatomy cast in preparation for her guest role, but the 17-year-old is no slouch herself.

The Disney mainstay will be portraying a frightened patient named Hayley who may suffer from schizophrenia (see claw marks in the intense promo pic below).

Grey's Anatomy is a dream role for her,” says her Camp Rock co-star and real-life boyfriend Joe Jonas. “It’s great people are going to see her do different things."

"I’m really proud of her.”

If Joe's proud of Demi, who's been catching up on past Grey's Anatomy seasons during breaks from filming the Camp Rock sequel, than so are we. So are we.

Demi on Greys

Demi Lovato is coming to Grey's Anatomy May 13. The following week, Mandy Moore will be guest starring on the long-running medical drama's two-hour season finale.


There is no one better than the other! They are all eqaully good! Because they all have different voices so you can not compare! I do not know why you so hate Miley, she has also given much for her fans! And she is also mature! She now leads her own life, just like Demi. And Selena is perhaps not great, but if she smokes are you therefore hate her? There are many people who smoke. I'm? not saying it is good, but for someone reason to hate.


you are so wonderful and I love your voice demi. I'm so jolous of you having the cutiest guy by your side and wonderful carrier


Demi is so amazing. Personally, I think she's the best current Disney star. She hasn't had any scandals (Miley) or ditched her BFF for some country star (Selena). Keep up the good work Demi. Don't stop what you're doing.


Demi deserves everything she have now. She is so talented and she's better than all the artist she's with, in her generation. I mean, I'm not underestimating Selena but I really think that she's better. It's my own opinion, I don't intend to offend some of the fans of Selena. Anyways, I'm so excited to see her!! But I don't know if the episode where she is, will be showing also here at the same time because I'm in Philippines. God blessed her so much and she did right! She didn't just pass by or ignore the opportunity. She grabbed it and by grabbing it, she influence and touches the life of other people. May God continue to flood her with blessings. God Bless to Y'all.


I think this is great!!! demi will be on a really famous.popular show! her fist time being on something in awhile not related 2 disney channel!!

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