David Archuleta Is Not Gay

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A few nights ago, David Archuleta was spotted at a gay club in New York City.

As a result, silly rumors have sprung up all over the Internet, questioning the adorable singer's sexuality. While he wouldn't be ashamed if he were gay, Archuleta has taken to Twitter to clear everything up:

I got invited to go and see my friend Charice perform. Mental note to self: always ask where before you go! Wasn’t my kind of place lol, and I had no clue! I guess you live and learn. The upside was that Charice was awesome, and she has an incredible voice.

Hope that clears things up! Been seeing some of the tweets.. sheesh!

Darn. That's too bad. Who wouldn't love to see Adam Lambert couple up with David Archuleta?!?


About your article it's easy to see your not being bias. "Silly" rumors and "Adorable" adjectives reveal that you are defending him and are a fan. Archuleta is as gay as an Easter bonnet. See ya! gonna go search some untainted news.


David Archuleta is NOT gay!!! Do u people not see that? Are you all blind??? He's an amazing person that doesn't go to clubs and since he's NOT gay he wouldn't go to a gay club! I wouldn't go to a gay club intentionally either! So all u haters need to start worrying about important things and LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!!! Seriously all u haters are just idiots that don't have anything else to do! So I'd shut up if i were u guys!!!!!!! He's very mature the way he is and i like how he explained himself on twitter! I admire him because of that! He didn't even have to explain to us all about what happened!!! >:(!!!!!!!!!


Charice is not David's girlfriend. lol. I think he only met her face to face in the 2008 Thanksgiving Day Parade. She dueted on David's Christmas album but their schedules were so busy that they had to record their parts on different days. I think this weekend was the second time David has seen Charice in person. He is a fan.


david archuleta and charice are keeping their relationship very private. david will keep denying it saying charice is just a friend.


oh lordy, charice is david new girlfriend not a friend!. david archuleta fans are not happy about it, david can't stay single for forever because of the fans.


Sheesh, can't believe David tried to support and defend his friend and ended up getting hated on himself. Twitter sure is a crazy place!


geez, david archuleta is NOT gay!!. LOL david said in a interview not too long ago he want to get married and have kids.


He is too sensitive to ignore overflowing hate messages. Especially for his friend Charice, there were many angry Charice haters from Philippines, so he broke a rule on no tweeting on Sundays. @DavidLWylie said, "If David's secure in his heterosexuality, he shouldn't even respond." He is very secure about his orientation. His book is coming out on June 1. If you read the book, you will find out why he is so sure about who he is.


Who cares if he's gay or straight? But his tweets were a little defensive. He should have said, "I'm David Archuleta. I can go wherever I want to go. If I want to go to a gay club to support my friend, so what?" I have plenty of straight friends, male and female, that go with me to gay clubs. If David's secure in his heterosexuality, he shouldn't even respond. He still has some growing to do.


Excuse me, but David had received a barrage of hate tweets and even death threats for going to that type of club, and for going there to see Charice. He was responding to the over-reaction of idiot fans, which is exactly what I would've done. And because certain people are overly sensitive and interpret every word coming from a straight person as homophobic, he then had to respond to the hate mail from that! No, he didn't OWE an explanation, but if you're the one receiving unjustified hate mail...what would YOU do? I'm very proud of how he handled himself, and I wouldn't have changed a thing. .


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