Dancing with the Stars Cast Relieved to Be Free of Kate Gosselin, Diva-Like Demands

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Kate Gosselin got the boot from Dancing With the Stars Tuesday night.

The remaining dancers and cast collectively thought: It's about time.

Kate Gosselin and Children

The mother of eight caused drama before the show even premiered in March, acting like a diva during rehearsals and making crazy demands on set.

Crazy demands like crew members not being allowed to look at her. Seriously. So you can imagine the rejuvenated vibe now that she's finally gone.

"Everyone couldn't be more relieved," a source says ... but just wait 'til they have to deal with Rachel Uchitel. That'll pose a whole new set of issues. 

GOOD RIDDANCE, GOSSELIN: That's the cast and crew's message for Kate.

"We had to walk on eggshells. At least we don't have to worry about where our eyes can or can't drift off to now. Kate just thought that everyone was out to get her. That's why she had all of those crazy rules, like how she was to be approached."

There are two ways to look at this, of course.

Kate gets enormous attention, much of it negative, from mainstream and celebrity gossip press. This understandably gets to her, prompting a difficult attitude.

On the flip side, rather than being "out to get her," perhaps it's the media's role to point out what a dreadful human being she is when she leaves us no choice.

It's a celeb gossip chicken-egg scenario.

"[We] felt bad for the bad press she got," another Dancing with the Stars source dished. "But sometimes it was deserved!" Sums it up perfectly, if you ask us.

With Nicole Scherzinger, Pamela Anderson - the woman's got the booty and skillz - Evan Lysacek et al. going strong, the cast is pumped to get back to work.

Tell us: Are you sad Kate's gone from Dancing with the Stars?


Personally, I will not be watching the show anymore. It was only interesting to me to see Kate. I like the idea that i can relate to her. I dont have 8 kids, but i am a mother. And as a mother i can only imagine the stress that she has, and to see her able to commit to the show, and improve each week, i was amazed. No she was not the best dancer... But she did not have to be. I think that the votes speak for theirselves... considering how long she was on the show... obviously people loved her and still do!


As far as the ratings going up I think Kate has a point because look how long she stayed on knowing she wasn't good. I know I started to watch the show to see her and it was obvious by the votes( Not mine) that she had fans other then myself. I will continue to watch even though she is gone because I am enjoying seeing the dancers improve every week,but I have to wonder how many Kate haters will stop watching now she is gone. If the ratings do go down, We will have the answer.


I was under the impression people come on the show to LEARN how to dance not be laughed at for not knowing how. I admire Kate for again putting herself out there knowing she would be attacked but atleast giving it a try. Once again she stuck it out and didn't quit like her ex who never finishes anything he starts. There are alot of good dancers on the show and they all work really hard. They each should be cheered on not knocked down. I have seen several of them on talk shows and not one commented on Kate being a Diva. I think alot of it was publicity to attract all the Kate Haters out there to watch her fail. They seem to thrive on Loving to Hate her what ever she does.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that picture certainly is, it looks as if he is dragging her.




Try being the Mother of eight and having an ex trying to be a big shot and see how your concentration is. Just being a Mother is hard enough. Give Kate some points she tried.


Kate Gosselin boasted that she was the reason for show's high ratings. Did she ever think that it might have been Erin Andrews or someone else who caused the ratings to go up? She is too full of herself.


Oops. I meant to say "so now it's okay to bash on her?" It was a question not a statement.


Why else would DWTS have picked Kate to be on the show? They wanted ratings. So now it's okay to bash on her. They knew what they were doing otherwise they wouldn't have had her on the show. These producers aren't stupid.


I won't be watching DWTS it not worthing watching the rest of the people are either great dancers come on giving 10s the second week come on. At least Kate wanted to learn to dance so GOOD BYE DANCING WITH THE STARS....... Shame on DWTS for being so rude. There have been other stars worse than Kate.

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