Crystal Bowersox Confirms "Moment of Doubt," Near Idol Departure

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She's the clear season nine favorite on American Idol, but Crystal Bowersox has never looked comfortable on stage.

The folksy singer admitted many months ago that she had never watched an episode of Idol, and she's been outwardly shaken up when certain contestants - such as Lilly Scott and Katie Stevens - were eliminated this year.

Therefore, it didn't come as a major shock this week when a report leaked out that said Bowersox was close to quitting the competition, but was convinced to stay by Ryan Seacrest.

Crystal on the Red Carpet

On Facebook yesterday, Crystal confirmed this rumor, writing: We all have moments of doubt. As much as I miss my kid, the big picture is this: im doing this for him and my fans. I'm having the time of my life!

Sounds like Bowersox will be sticking around - and thank goodness for that.

On the most lackluster season to date, we don't even want to imagine tuning in to Idol each week and not at least having Crystal to look forward to.

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Trio of Singers


Incredible, that's all you can say about Crystal. She is the complete package and probably has been approached by a number of record labels. Singers like her only come along once every few years, Carrie was the last. I can't wait to hear her first ablum, hope she hires a good producer.


I agree that this season is sub par to last year. Adam should have won last year he was phenomenal! I like Lee this year and that is about it. I do not believe any of the contestants are "Idols". They can sing but none of them are million dollar material. If Crystal is not in it for herself she should leave and spend time with her baby-if she thinks it is hard now what will she do if she actually wins???


I promote world class musicians. For all the ignorant bloggers, we don't know the details of Crystal "saying she was going to quit". We don't know when, under what circumstances, etc. All those judgemental people that are jealous of Crystal, please stop. She has more talent in her pinky than you could acquire in 10 lifetimes. Crystal is a genuine person and an incredible talent. Always spot on in her tone, delivery, style, and demeanor. She will do well and the ignorant people that blog that say they won't vote......It don't matter......she will likely win and even if she doesn't he has an incredible career ahead of her barring any unforseen events. Crystal, you rock so don't worry about the nimrods spewing superfluous badinage that are publicly educated by a bunch of liberal outcome based education idiots.


Crystal isn't that great, she just doesn't get critiqued as harshly as the others. They have been trying to make Crystal the winner since the first show and it is so obvious. I have been totally surprised when she didn't do so good, the judges were saying that she did when there was no personality and the performance was bland, she totally did not stand out. I wish she had left the show.


But Adam Lambert is super super talented. There is no comparison to any of this years idol wannabees. Adam is in a league by himself.


crystal is talented. She is my bet to be in the finale this season. Guys, stop commenting like that to her and other contestants, as if you are better than them. Well, any decision she makes, i'll support her, as much as I supported ADAM.


If she wanted to leave they should have let her. None of them are great this year. She was right, What's the point. Even if she wins she will have a tough time being successful. She's a one trick pony.


She acts like Katie Stevens is an amazing talent. Katie Stevens was lackluster and pitchy. I can't think of a single week that she lived up to her voice and to top it off, she was annoying so America voted her off. She had the voice, did nothing with it but sing out of tune and complain... get over it Crystal, competition is getting tougher and these wannabes are going home.


Nothing but a BIG baby!!!! She had to have known that this adventure would be difficult. This process will only keep getting more and more so. She should just drop out. I will never vote for her knowing this info.


Highly doubtful that Bowersox wanted this aired, much more likely that Ryan Seacrest leaked it because it makes him look good and he is under severe pressure because of his bizarre behaviour recently.
This story is much more likely to hurt Bowersox than help her - and I don't think the judges criticism would have too much effect on her judging by the way she handled Cowell's criticism of her "Hand In My Pocket" cover. I think the problem is she has been overwhelmed by the circus hoopla of the show, she has been the star performer which causes its own issues and with a small baby she cannot often see and juvenile diabetes as well I suspect it got on top of her. Apparently almost every contestant has these issues of doubt at some stage - but due to this leak of the information she has to have it in the full glare of the media.

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