Crazed Justin Bieber Fans Cause Riot, Concert Cancellation, Must Chill the Eff Out

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Dear Justin Bieber fans:

We know this young star is very cute and has a pretty good voice. But he's just a singer. Seriously, he hasn't cured a single disease or come up with financial regulation that will help ease the ongoing economic crisis.

It's necessary to pass along this message because people are starting to get seriously injured as a result of the mass hysteria surrounding Bieber. Even worse: police are shutting down his concerts!

Both these developments took place in Sydney, Australia over the weekend, as Justin was set to sing on stage for a morning TV show. But the performance was canceled after thousands of unruly fans created a security nightmare and at least 10 girls passed out.

Fans camped out overnight for the event. By 3 a.m., almost 4,000 people had gathered. When they heard Bieber might be in the vicinity, they rushed the stage, broke down barriers and generally acted like brides at a wedding gown sale.

Not even Tiger Woods acts this out of control inside a Las Vegas night club.

Canceled Concert
Sad Fans

As news of the cancelled gig spread, Justin Tweeted: "I love my fans... and I am just as disappointed as everyone else with the news from this morning. I want to sing for my fans," adding in capital letters:


Bieber then wrote he was "beyond grateful...for such an amazing warm welcome."

We're sure he is, but perhaps Justin should also send a message to his followers: Chill the eff out! I appreciate the support, but I have a bowl cut and I sing songs other people have written for me. That's about it.

Unruly Crowd
Justin Bieber Fans

Justin Bieber fans react to the news that their utter insanity caused a performance by their singing god to be canceled in Australia. [Photos: Splash News]


Seemz like this justin dude z causin' wat has neva happenned before.


What's with these weird hairstyles. I thought you combed your hair back not forward! What happens when the wind blows in his face? It looks silly and acne could be on the way. Maybe he has a forehead that goes back to the middle of his head at the top.....!!


There have been hundreds like Justin in the past but this hysteria is ridiculous. I grew up with Elvis but never went stupid over him. He was a singer and I loved his music along with many others but kept my sanity. Today yelling and hysteria and 5 years from now embarrassment. Singers come and go and forgotten down the road.


@camrie: Again, we're not talking about screaming for a singer. We're talking about injuring other fans and literally passing out at the sight of someone these people have never met before.


I think its pretty normal for many fans to scream and love justin, justin is a hott teenage popstar! And has alot of fans.last years american idol winner had a fan come up and kiss him during a concert....


it is definetly NOT is borderline worship, emulating this teen like he is this demi-god....he is a human, a kid that got lucky endorsements (cus his voice just isn't all that good...sorry)


@christie: It's normal to act in such a way?!? No one is saying you can't be a big fan of Justin, buying his album, going to his concerts, etc.
But, sorry, it's FAR from normal to cry hysterically over someone you've never met and to cause injury to those around you because you want to be 10 feet closer to his stage. That's an unhealthy obsession.


its normal to act in such a way.justin is a star.we love him


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