Courtney Love Alleges Affair with Gavin Rossdale

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It might not get any cuter than Gavin Rossdale, Gwen Stefani and their children. Just look at the family on Halloween last year.

Conversely, it doesn't get much uglier than Courtney Love, especially when she appears on The Howard Stern Show and tries to break up Gavin and Gwen by making wild accusations.

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Such was the case yesterday, as the Hole singer randomly went off on Rossdale's abilities in the sack, saying:

"He was such an Adonis in his day... He got good in bed... something happened. Maybe Gwen taught him, for all I know."

Wait, Stern interjected, does that mean Love slept with Gavin both before and after he was married? Yes, she claims, adding that Rossdale also cheated on Stefani with "a few other people" and:

"We didn't have a lot of pressure on each other, but we did like each other quite a bit. We had a really good time."

We have no idea of Courtney is telling the truth, but study the photo above. Now look at Gwen Stefani. Need we say more? Gavin's defense rests.


I have news for everybody! Most rockers would like to poke Courtney's Hole only because of her once being with Cobain. I know for a fact that Gavin worships Nirvana and really feels a kinship with Cobain. Now he can also have something else in common with the late great Grunge God-the need for the use of antibiotics and herpes ointment after a romp in the hay with that train wreck ex-wife. Gwen is no fool. I am sure she has had to make allowances in order to keep her marriage with Gavin together. He does have an eye for the ladies! No doubt Gavin Rossdale is catnip to females!
But I'm sure he also relishes his good guy family man persona also-whether it is correct or not?


for_real_tho, it comes with the territory? Not all celebrity marriages end because of a cheating spouse. Or are you referring to marriage in general?


lmao..come one..does anybody believe this crap..?! i mean why is everybody suddenly believe that almost all guys are cheaters now..?!


lol....gavin is so not "jealous" of gwen....he may have screwed around, unfortunately it comes with the territory; but, it isn't likely...much less with skanky liar c-love....he is wayyy too hot for her...


I don't buy it. Courtney is insane these days with all of her antics. Besides, the last man to sleep with Courtney killed himself so I don't see this story as true.


Totally believe it. He has had a hard time living in her shadow. And he is not the type to do it. You only have to see him out and about to know that. Since the marriage he has averaged 1 mil annually to her 28+ mil. Plus look at the pictures... he doesn't look so happy to me. But he'd come off as a real a** if he hurt her. Plus C didn't always look so rough and it's rarely about looks anyway. Just look at the women of Tiger, Jesse James, etc... Poor Gwen

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