Conrad Murray Eyes Newest Michael Jackson Attack

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Dr. Conrad Murray intends to argue that Michael Jackson killed himself by self-injecting a lethal dose of Propofol while the physician stepped out to use the bathroom.

While that sounds like legal grasping at straws, Murray's defense team says Michael Jackson's body - specifically his eyes - could be powerful evidence in his favor.

Michael, Prince and Paris Jackson

The supposed proof that Jackson accidentally killed himself, rather than overdosing on Propofol Murray administered, was obvious when the doctor came back in.

At that point, he says he saw Michael's eyes wide open and his pupils dilated.

Experts say if a patient is sleeping and overdoses, their eyes most likely would not be open. The defense contends Jackson woke up when Murray was not there, became frustrated he couldn't sleep, grabbed the Propofol bottle and "pushed it."

THE EYES HAVE IT: But does Dr. Murray's story hold water?

If a jury believes Jackson's eyes were open, they could also believe Jackson was awake and, perhaps, capable of grabbing the Propofol on the nightstand.

Authorities also say they have a clear explanation for why Michael trouble sleeping the night before he died - tablets that would have really riled him up.

An unlabeled bottle contained 13 tablets, each a combination of ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin. Each pill contained 25 mg of ephedrine, 200 mg of caffeine and 80 mg of aspirin. The caffeine alone is equivalent to nearly a six-pack of Coca-Cola.

According to the toxicology results, ephedrine was present in Jackson. Might he have gotten so hyped up that he felt he needed extra Propofol to sleep?

Murray likely thinks so, and won't accept a plea deal.


There is an interesting discussion. But everythng we might be sure to know,


Hey lovemj, I agreed with you 100%. If Murray did the job that Michael was paying him to do, he would be alive today. When Jackson did the History Tour, I heard that he had hired a medical professional to do the same job he hired Murray to do. Michael trusted Murray as he had trusted the other medical professional.
Murray did not do his job and our Michael is gone.


Murray had been giving MJ propofol for six weeks. He got the go ahead to inject Michael with potassium chloride that induced a massive heart attack. Potassium chloride is undetectable. He then gave him propofol to cover his tracks. Why was Murray collecting his vials instead of continuing to give MJ CPR? His timeline is so questionable.
Murray is guilty of MURDER!!!


this dr. is talking out his ass, he knowns what hes done and trying to save himself. does any one know how long this trial will last?


Maybe Murray didn't read the autopsy report. He is GUILTY. Case Closed.


this new statement contradicts the docs eariler statement. He originally said after giving the propofol to michael he fell asleep now he was awake? wat a load of bullshit


Oh for God's sake 'JC' or should I say Halperin, stop pushing your upcoming show. Haven't you made enough money out of MJ yet?


No doctor abandons all of his patients and limits his practice to one person--with a monthly fee of $150,000. Murray knew that he was going to be doing something dangerous for Michael. That's why the price was so high. Murray never should have used Propofol on Michael in a setting without a crash cart and/or anesthesiologist. This guy just thought he was some kind of god. And look at the whole picture: he wasn't paying his child support--but he did buy his stripper girlfriend a car...and have a baby with her...when he didn't even support the kids he already had. It's not a pretty picture. Delusions of grandeur with offices in LA and Texas. I don't know any other doctor with that kind of setup. Murray thought he was like a jet-setter or something.


he will be found guilty, and we will watch him being dragged off to prison.


I fear things are going to get ugly. Murray doesn't care what he says if he thinks it will get him off. We must keep pushing for Justice For Michael.

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