Confirmed: Adam Lambert as American Idol Mentor

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In late February, it was reported that Adam Lambert would perform on American Idol.

Now, we can confirm that the former runner-up won't just sing "Whattaya Want From Me” on the April 14 results-show telecast - he'll serve as a mentor to the finalists on the night before!

No word yet on what theme the contestants will tackle during the special visit, but this much is certain: if anyone can spice up this lackluster group of singers, it's Adam Lambert.

Pretty Boy

Lambert will be the first former Idol to act as a mentor less than a year after he left the show.

Many will believe he's too inexperienced for the gig... but Miley Cyrus took on the same role a couple weeks ago and she's younger than every current contestant except Katie Stevens and Aaron Kelly.

Do you think he should be a mentor?

While you ponder that question, click on the photos below, all of which are courtesy of Adam's recent trip to London:

Adam in London
Getting Very Hairy
Lambert Photograph



God, he is beautiful. I wish he was straight, and I was single. And perhaps that we knew each other. Damn.


Adam will be fabulous at mentoring, but, then again, Adam could just stand there being his gorgeous self and that would be enough. The UK and Scotland pictures are too beautiful for words. HE IS THE MAN !!!!


YES YES YES!! This show is going to AWESOME! Finally, a reason to tune in this season!


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