Charlie Sheen Makes Like Britney Spears

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Charlie Sheen has officially gone all Britney Spears on us.

No, the actor hasn't shown his private parts to the world. Nor has he given birth to a pair of children with some skeezy back-up dancer.

He also isn't dating his agent, and has never lip-synched a concert.

But questions about Sheen's mental health have been raised because the Two and a Half Men star has shaven his head, copying Brit's infamous act from February 2007.

While the singer was crying out for attention, though, Sheen allegedly has a different motive:

"People think he's trying to avoid having his hair tested for drugs," a family friend tells told In Touch of the troubled star, who is in a rehab center and facing domestic violence charges after his December fight with wife Brooke Mueller.

Adds the source: "His behavior has been so erratic that his friends and family are concerned. He isn't keeping in contact with anyone that he used to right now."

Hmmm... sound familiar, Britney fans?

Of course, Sheen is accused of keeping contact with at least one individual these days. Reports have linked him with lingerie model Angelina Tracy, while other insiders say Brooke Mueller is preparing to divorce her husband.

Sheen's recent actions are so serious, they make Two and a Half Men look funny. We hope he gets help.


Baloon boys dad, Jon Gosselin, Charlie Sheen who's missing?


Very simply, "Charlie Sheen is replaceable." I think he has forgotten that AGAIN. He is a disgrace to his family, most of all his children.


Sorry Charlie,
The more pictures that I see of Charlie,the more he reminds me of that other goof ball, the Balloon Boy's dad. Maybe when the movie is made of their lives, they can portray each other.


There are few families who do Not experience that one sheep that goes astray. No matter how famous, or the priviledge of wealth,in this case is seems to be Charlie. His father (Martin) and brother Emilio have survived the entertainment industry for years,with a wonderful acceptance of their positions of prosperity and abundance. Charlie keeps going straight from the frying pan into the fires of scandal.Celebrities are more noticable than everyday people when they throw their own lives away.I believe that sometimes a person can be blessed with so much that it runs them off the deep end.Charlie's behavior is threatening to put a lot of people out of work on his top rated show.I hope that he gets straight and fly right before he ends up in the cooler,or end up Not knowing where he is,or who he was!!


Britney was little drouned in a magic before, because of this he was in a sithuation of "covering" and I know her because of this experience (3 years trining). My girl is like A next me in the same... If for Britney would be interesting, who is the an extremaly expansive girl, which sometimes attacks her as a "coverer" (acidentaly), so she can be Giedre Rusyte (lives in New York). Nice girl, but very kiddy and "womanly". (I have seen her on Britneys face).


He was too late:) As I know, Britney have an absolutely unknown virtual romance with actor Jett Li. And those various photo session is only a light flirtation. Like an easy to attempt to be closer from afar. Because they are both are in a big fearing one the other.
My girl by the way is Sandra Gradauskaite (Olialia)


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