Britney Spears Pictures: Unaltered!

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Britney Spears' new message: Just Say No to Pants Eating Healthy Sanity Airbrushing!

The 28-year-old singer has refused to allow her latest ad campaign, for the Candie's fashion line, to be airbrushed or in any way digitally enhanced.

Britney Spears in Concert

She's all natural in the new ads, baby, and more power to her for making sure the only fake message disseminated by Candie's is Bristol Palin's PSA.

Highlighting the pressure on girls to look perfect, the campaign will release the retouched Britney Spears pictures simultaneously to prove a point...

Britney Spears' Candie's ads before and after editing.

In the "raw" Britney pictures, bruises are visible on her calf, her thighs are larger and dimpled with cellulite, and there's dry skin evident on Spears' feet.

In the airbrushed images her waist is slimmer and her legs absolutely flawless. Mmm. A source said: "Britney is proud of her body - imperfections and all."

Good for her. But how do you prefer Britney Spears?


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hey sweetheart britney its just a dream i just to see you one day baby you're still hot and fabulous hey....enjoy yur life honey i love br.....


hey britney you look sex baby all the time i love sweetheart.


good question for dix. dix you must be an artificial man. try and set good example to the younger ones. BE NATURAL and stop living in a fantasy world. what´s fat about the untouched pic? actually the 1st pic will encourage men and women to be satisfied with how they look. nobody is perfect.


Dix, um, er, ah, Dax, Dex, or whomever you are(I prefer my 1st choice), if you are truly a man & you are belittling women without even knowing anything about them, I believe you are destined to spend your life alone. Did some woman hurt you, poor baby? SUCK IT UP, ASSHOLE! And the fact that you are on a gossip website makes me believe that either you are the epitome of shallowness or you are gay. Which is it?


Wow, good for her! I'm glad she's doing it! That's a brave move and it would be nice if other singers/actresses were as brave!


I think she looks absolutely beautiful in the NON touched ad. In the photoshopped ad she looks plastic. She has a stunning body for a woman that had two children back to back. Good for her to want to be natural. Besides this ad goes to teens and children... NOT adult men. thank you.


OBVIOUSLY, she looks MUCH better air-brushed, and anyone who thinks different, is probably a lazy, fat, ugly person who doesn't want to get into shape, and thinks all men should love fat, lazy, women just the way that they are. It's SO OBVIOUS that the "Bud Light" 33 year old, single father of 3... is actually a lazy fat woman. No straight guy would ever write a comment like that. The lengths that you fat ugly lazy women will go to feel better about your girth is unbelievable.


Go Britney, good for her, brave move, wish more women in the spotlight would take her lead - might take the pressure off us everyday women - shame about the tacky/trashy swimsuit though.


As a former photo stylist, model, clothing designer, and photographer I can see poorly made swimsuits, bad lighting, cheap backdrop and a woman with a body that more closely resembles most women. The retouched photos show fancy graphics. Who said this was "trashy lingerie"? These are swimsuits that cover more than most I see girls and women wearing! Good for her!


This is the first good thing Britney has done in a long time as a positive role model for young girls. Candies is a major clothing line for teenage girls and I have a problem with them showing air brushed pictures of celebs. It makes these girls feel bad about their bodies. Who can measure up to an air brushed picture. I have a 17 year old daughter and would like her to know that no one has a perfect body, we all have flaws and need to love what god gave us. Thanks Britney!