Britney Spears: Our Beloved Trailer Park Bride

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We've concluded the April Fools portion of our news day.

The headline above is not meant to be taken seriously. Britney Spears did not get married in a trailer park yesterday ... she's just walking around looking like that.

Shopping on Rodeo Drive, she looked as if she just did a rodeo of sorts in the sack, grabbed some dude's glasses off the bedside table and made a break for it.

Even her hot mess hair screams walk of shame. No more than the fact that she forgot two thirds of her outfit, of course. But hey, that's Britney Spears for you.

How else do you explain this unmatched fashion glory ...

Britney Spears, Glasses
Trailer Park Bride
Such a Hot Mess

WHAT A MESS: Britney Spears as only Britney Spears dresses.

Maybe she and Jason Trawick had a quickie in the back seat before rollin' to the McDonald's drive-thru? Or maybe they eloped at the local courthouse, then consummated the marriage in the back seat, then hit the drive-thru?

Oh who are we kidding, Britney Spears pictures like this are one of the biggest reasons we adore her. That would totally make an awesome wedding dress. She should sell the idea to a designer. We're thinking "Kentwood Princess" for the name.


you dont look good.hate the dress


Britney is mentally retarded. She looks awful.


Britney, you are looking so fine lately, I love your new ripped body, wish I had your legs! Keep up the good work!!!


She is a clown!!! An adult that needs to have a babysitter watch her disgusting ass 24/7/365. She lost custody of her own children and can't be alone with them when she does have them. Britney, the world isn't laughing with you they are laughing at you.


There is nothing wrong with Brit, Lot's of poeple make mistakes in live do you have to judge her every move, everytime she wants to make something right you poeple come and brake her down. it's a low point for you all.


So glad she's feeling and looking better. I'm not necessarily a fan of hers, but I think she's just so cute.


She looks quite comfortable, to me, except for that sly smile that makes me think she's hiding something, (or nothing, if you get what I mean! Ah, who am I trying to kid, any time I see her, I'm picturing her with nothing on, so it doesn't really matter what she wears!) But back to the picture, what was the question?




She looks like she just woke up from a long night of rough sex!!!!


She is looking goood :D I really hope that she'll end up with Justin !!!
They are meant to be !!!!

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